Connecting the KeyMission 360 and 170 to SnapBridge for iOS Users


When you are on the iOS platform and you wish to use the SnapBridge remote app with your KeyMission 360 or KeyMission 170 Action Camera, please open the app on your smartphone or tablet, and then refer to the following five steps to connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi.

  1. When prompted with a pop-up window stating that “Wi-Fi has been enabled on the camera…,” click on “Go.
  2. On the next screen, click “Settings” in the top-left corner to access your Wi-Fi settings.
  3. On the following screen, select “Wi-Fi” from the displayed options.
  4. Now select your KeyMission camera (ex: KM360_30000031).
  5. And finally, enter the default password: NikonKeyMission (case-sensitive).

* It is recommended that after these steps have been completed, you change the password to a personal one. To do this, select Camera Setting>Network Menu>Wi-Fi>Network Settings in SnapBridge.

For iOS users only: When using the SnapBridge 360/170 app and prompted to connect to Wi-Fi IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION CONNECTING TO THE CAMERA’S WI-FI


I was only able to connect to the SnapBridge app after a long struggle and several calls to Nikon support.  Since then there have been both a firmware update and a new version of the Snapbridge app.  After installing those, my KeyMission 170 will no longer connect at all to my iphone 6s. I have been through ALL the manuals and reviewd the third party advice on how to resolve the connection problem to no avail.  Eventually, after spending over an hour on the phone with two people at Nikon support, I sent it in for service.  Perhaps the Bluetooth circuit is just burned out... I have to say that while the camera is a quality made product, Nikon software is notoriously bad.  There is just something about designing a user friendly interface Nikon just doesn't understand.  

I too jumped on the pre-release offer and was super excited to be able to use this but I can't get it to pair and when I can- it drops out. I am so frustrated! I am going to try some of the other steps here but Really NIKON should contact the people who purchased this and offer them a solution - there has to be some kind of an upgrade. 

Has anyone been able to use another editor for the 360 video? 

I am just really disappointed! 

Hi Ayda - 

David and James are on the right track with their postings.  Contact Nikon Support directly and obtain a case or file number in the event your camera proves to be defective:

Nikon Technical Support:

9AM - 8PM (Eastern)



Mark, The Micro SDXC card that B&H recomends as an accessory is actually rated wrong for the camera. I've purchased two of these from you and fell for that both times. It turns out this camera will not operate until you need at least a Class 6 UHS and B&H recomends a Class 3 UHS. Once the user has the correct card everything else starts to fall in place.   




Hi Summer - 

There is no UHS class 6 micro SDxc memory cards as of this writing.

I preordered the camera with the extension package. I tried every method to pair it with two iPhones and two iPads. I followed hints fom YouTube and just Google searches. Nothing worked. I had been looking forward to using the camera since it was announced. I am very dissapointed with Nikon and its user manual. I established peace of mind by sending it back. Nikon needs to do more work before releasing a product. I guess I jumped on it too soon

A trick for those having issues with paring the KeyMission app with iOS. First, be sure all software is current, , both phone and app (and that you are using the 360/170 SnapBridge app not the regular SnapBridge). Next place the device you are using as a controller (iphone, ipad or ipod touch) into airplane mode. Switch the wifi and bluetooth back on and pair as usual through the app. After that, when unpairing, be sure to 'forget this device' in the bluetooth settings. I have only had to do the airplane mode the first time or after resetting the KeyMission camera to factory settings. I have not had any problems pairing the camera to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch since then. The Software is definitely wonky and has a lot of steps to use, but so far the images are sharper than the Theta S. I have also had problems with posting to Facebook, in that the images show up as 'flat earth' images rather than 360 degree.  A workaround is to post the KeyMission 360 image through the Ricoh Theta S app on your device.  Works like a charm.


Every one is having problems connecting to Bluetooth? You start this help with #1 after connecting to bluetooth? if i could get to #1 I would be happy. Show us how to connect to Bluetooth to even get to #1 please.

Hi James -

David and James are on the right track with their postings.  Contact Nikon Support directly and obtain a case or file number in the event your camera proves to be defective:

Nikon Technical Support:

9AM - 8PM (Eastern)



I tried contacting Nikon support and was on hold for 72 mintes and gave up... What Support! Then it cost me shipping to send it back. Crazy disappointed! 

Hi Wyatt - 

I am sorry that you are encountering difficulties with your camera and with your attempt in contacting Nikon.  Please e-mail them as this may be the most convenient contact method right now.  


Complete Unuseable

It is not possible to get that thing connect. It shows as connected once, then when clicking on setting, it says "it is not connected"

The explanations on how to connect are incorrect. Even the ones explaimed here. I am not able to get it connected at all anymore. Did not manage to take one shot or video since two days, and I wasted already 4 hours with this device trying to get it run... Crap.

Will send it back, not useable at all...

This problem with this is that the connection either doesnt work or constantly drops out and wont reconnect for me. The software is garbage.

I phoned Nikon Tech Support.  Removing battery for 15 sec, telling I-Pad to "forget this connection" under bluetooth settings and toggling airplane mode switch first on, then off, at least got me to connect.  With battery at 52% WiFi will no longer work and that happens pretty fast with this camera. 

Thanks for the explanation....the manual is poor...certainly not up to Nikon's usual standards....and the connection with the camera is tenuous at best.

Another issue that I have found is that the 360 video or single photos are not viewable in that format on an iphone or ipad when using Facebook.  There are no good explanations on how to share these videos and pics with friends....issues that certainly should have been addressed prior to releasing the camera.....

The picures are excellent, the construction is solid, befitting the Nikon name, but I suspect there will be firmware and software updates to smooth out the serious connection problems that remain. After a day shooting, I fully understand why it comes with two batteries, as was mentioned in a previous comment. The manuals are in conflict with themeselvers. The Quick Start says to click eitther the photo or video button from off to pair, but that only takes a picture. Then in the big manual it says to "hold" the video button but a video on YouTube reveals that it needs 8 seconds. In setting up WiFi mode I kept getting nowhere, and suddenlhy it popped up. Apparently it takes a while to respond, and the timeout needs to be set to longer than 30 seconds, otherwise it's a whack-a-mole frustration experience. I'm also having issues with the Cyberlink 15 editor adding a black pillar in videos.

Not to mention every you tube video that I have seen with the KeyMission 360 have looked terrible....

The videos look like it is out of focus & blurry...