Custom Bags and Backpacks for DJI Phantom Drones from HPRC


For fliers looking for a lighter alternative to a hard case, HPRC offers two soft case/backpack hybrids with custom foam interiors for the DJI Phantom 2, Phantom 2 Vision, and Phantom 2 Vision+ quadcopters. The larger model will accommodate the fully assembled aircraft, including attached props and prop guards. The smaller case is designed to meet the carry-on restrictions set by many airlines and, as such, requires that props and prop guards first be removed. They both feature water-cut foam interiors, made of the same high-density water-cut foam material found in HPRC's hard cases, with dedicated spaces for the aircraft as well as the major accessories you are likely to want to pack along.


Both cases will fit the Phantom 2 with GoPro and Gimbal, Vision, or Vision+ camera attached. In addition, they will hold two spare flight batteries, a transmitter with smartphone holder attached, the battery charger, a set of spare props, and four AA batteries for the transmitter. The larger HPRCDROLG case also has an extra slot for spare prop guards or other miscellaneous accessories. The HPRCDROLG provides two zippered side pockets for flat accessories like smartphones, smaller tablets, or notepads, while the HPRCDROSM has a single large pocket on the back.


The cases' exteriors are constructed from wear- and water-resistant polyester and feature zippered closures. Both have a top handle as well as backpack straps so that you can choose your preferred way of transporting them. There is a back flap secured with hook-and-loop fasteners, so you can tuck away and hide the backpack straps when they’re not in use. For Phantom 2 pilots on the move, the HPHPRCDROLG and HPHPRCDROSM are definitely worth considering.