Decimator Design DMON Multi-Viewers


Whether they’re in the field or in the studio, Decimator Design’s line of DMON multi-viewers offers a convenient and portable solution for monitoring multiple sources on a single display. Compact in size, the multi-viewers come in a variety of flavors, with models available that support up to 6, 12, or 16 3G-SDI independent inputs. All of the input channels are output over a single 3G-SDI and/or HDMI connector for display on your monitor. Each model incorporates an LCD and button control system for quick and easy access to most device features without having to fumble around with dip switches or carry around a computer to adjust simple settings. A USB port is available when full computer control/configuration is required.

The DMON-16S, 12S, and 6S  all use the same compact red chassis, but offer varying connector configurations. As their names suggest, the 16S accepts up to 16 input channels, the 12S accepts up to 12 input channels, and the 6S accepts up to 6 inputs channels, with each channel supporting up to 1080p60-resolution video. In terms of output, the 16S provides a single 3G-SDI and single HDMI output, while the 12S and 6S add a second 3G-SDI output. Because the 6S only uses 6 of its BNC connectors for input signals, it utilizes the free connectors to provide loop-through outputs for each SDI input.

The multi-view output supports and displays inputs with different formats and frame rates at the same time, and the pass-through mode allows any of the inputs to be selected for output via the SDI and HDMI outputs. You can select from pre-made display layouts or create and save your own custom layouts, and with up to 32 GPI, you can interface with optional devices for tally and remote switching. It supports audio embedded in the SDI stream, has on-screen audio meters, and supports RS422/485 protocols over a 37-pin D-SUB connection that allows you to select tally display and control UMD (under monitor display) position and size.

For a more cost-effective option, a “lite” version of the DMON-16S, the 16SL, is available. Like the 16S, the 16SL is a 1 to 16-channel multi-viewer, but lacks SDI output, on-screen audio level meters, and D-SUB connector for tally and dynamic UMD. Additionally, a 4-channel DMON-4S model is available, which is more compact and suitable for quad-split display on an HDMI monitor.