DJI Puts More Smooth in Your Moves with Official Launch of Ronin-S Stabilizer


DJI may be daring us to move with its official release of the Ronin-S, but even a single minute with this 3-axis stabilizer will make anyone realize that smooth movements are going to be easy from now on. Today, DJI has revealed the final details of this motorized stabilizer, including additional functions and features that will make this, perhaps, the best motorized gimbal on the market. Enabled with single-handed operation, this svelte device is a near-perfect companion for DSLR and mirrorless cameras with its load capacity of 7.9 lb and a design that supports the distinct form factor of these camera models.

A distinguishing characteristic of the Ronin-S is a design that positions the roll axis at a 45-degree angle to the camera mount, resulting in a clear line of sight to the rear display. Also, thanks to an advanced 32-bit ARM processor and DJI's underlying tech, this gimbal will support various accessories that are a part of its expanding ecosystem. This includes the Master Wheels, Master Force, a Dual Handle System, wireless receivers, and much, much more. On top of this, accessory mounting points provide a simple solution for hooking up microphones, LED lights, and anything else that may come in handy.

Getting back to the core functionality, the Ronin-S offers three distinct operation modes: underslung, upright, and flashlight. Each of these accurately describes their positions and give users the versatility needed to create different types of movements as dictated by the situation. The gimbal can be removed from the handle, as well, permitting it to be mounted on other support systems, such as jibs or even RC cars. For enhanced control over the camera, there is SmoothTrack technology with multiple customizable parameters for exceptional control, using the joystick mounted on the handle. A Sport Mode can be used for improved responsiveness during fast movements.

The real trick of the Ronin-S is its impressive support for extra controls. Videographers will be able to connect their cameras and use easy-to-access controls on the handle to adjust focus settings and more on Sony, Canon, Nikon, and other DSLR and mirrorless camera systems. Other operations included with the Ronin-S are Virtual Joystick operation, Time-Lapse, Track, and Panorama modes, a quick record function, and more.

This stabilizer offers a wide range of movement, because it can rotate continuously 360 degrees, tilt from -95 to +185 degrees, and roll a complete 360 degrees with continuous movement in a Roll 360 mode. Movements can be performed at speeds of up to 360 degrees per second, for fast motion when needed. For power, the Ronin-S runs on a rechargeable 18650 2400mAh Li-ion polymer battery pack that will keep the gimbal going for hours. Bluetooth 4.0 and USB Type-C connectivity are built-in for connection to smartphones or computers, respectively, for adjusting settings.

There is a lot to this seemingly simple device, especially thanks to its expandability and ports for attaching optional tools to help create the shots you need for your film. The Ronin-S will be available from B&H within a month and is available for pre-order today. Is this the stabilizer you have been dreaming of having? Feel free to ask any questions and leave your thoughts in the Comments section, below!

For more information on the whole range of products, click here to go to our DJI Ronin page.


Are the focus capability built into the Ronin for each camera model or is this an accessory that needs to be purchased separately?

I have a Canon 5D Mark III will it control focus on this camera out of the box?

Out of the box the Ronin-S will only pull focus for select Panasonic Mirrorless Cameras and Lenses.  It will not work for Canon out of the box, but DJI is expected to release a focus motor for this gimbal in the future.  Once that is out, you will be able to pull focus with Canon cameras and lenses.


I'm seeing in a lot of hands-on reviews that it comes with a follow focus system for Manual Focus lenses such as the Rokinon Cine, in compatibility with the gear ring on the lens. Is this available at launch, in box, or later release?

That is expected to be released in the future.  It will not come with the Ronin-S, it will be an additional product.


It would have been much better to show us the footage in real time and not slow motion as this smoothes out the footage in itself

I would like the ability to remotely control the gimbal for timelapse shots.
Using both axis along with timelapse for smooth motion in time lapse videos.

Hi guy's!

Very professional video!...I was wondering what additional stabilisation your might have in camera stabilisation or lens stabilisation or any post stabilisation....also I think that quite a few shots were at a higher frame rate and then slowed down in post....was that the case?....It would also be very useful to know what camera lens focal lengths were used and frame rates...... just trying to work out how good this Ronin s is or is it down to you guy's skills and the camera/editor!!



Why would you put a microphone on this?  The sound guy on your shoot does the sound part of the shoot.

“Why would you put a microphone on this?”

To record sound, of course, with better fidelity than comes from a camera’s built-in microphone.
Is it so inconceivable that pro-am level individuals (including me) can shoot sound video as a solo endeavor?
I have an inexpensive production team: my “sound guy” wears my left boot, while my video guy wears my right boot, and together with my wine steward, all of us cram our over-sized butts into my big-boy pants (sans multiple personality syndrome) to shoot video and audio simultaneously. The Ronin-S is priced well below the pro-only range, say a third of what my tilt-shift lens cost, so let’s assume a diverse audience for this remarkable product.

Will you be able to attach a small video camera as well as a DSL?

Boy, I cant beleive you are so smart...

At this time DJI has stated that it is compatible with DSLR and Mirrorless cameras.  It does have a load capacity up to 7.9 pounds, so it may be possible to put a smaller camcorder on the Ronin-S, but we will have to wait for its release before it is tested with cameras like that.


1. When are the first units expected to ship out? 
2. Is the 699$ price tag the official price or is it a special for pre-order? 
3. Is it going to have special in-app functions like the gimbals from Zhiyun and Moza? (Night time-lapse, tracking an object etc.)

The Ronin-S is expected to start shipping on June 11th.  The current price is $699, prices are always subject to change however that is the listed price of the gimbal.  The Ronin-S is going to have Time-Lapse, Track and Panorama Modes.