DJI Unveils the Osmo Pocket


Today, DJI unveiled the newest member of its Osmo family: the Osmo Pocket. As the name suggests, the Osmo Pocket is so compact it literally fits inside your pocket (or purse, or pack). At 4.8" tall and weighing 4 oz, the Pocket is the smallest 3-axis stabilized handheld camera DJI has ever designed, and quite possibly the smallest mechanical gimbal available on the market. Despite its pocket portability and small stature, the Pocket packs a ton of impressive features and specs you would expect to find in much larger devices.

Starting with the built-in camera: The Pocket's setup includes a 1/2.3-inch sensor, 80-degree FOV, and f/2.0 aperture. For comparison, that's the same sensor size used in the Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, and Mavic 2 Zoom. It can shoot stabilized 4K video at up to 60 fps and will capture 12MP stills. Other notable specs include 100 Mb/s transfer speeds and HDR photo mode—just to name a few.

Camera aside, the obvious marvel of the Pocket is its miniaturized design, which is made possible thanks to DJI's micro-scale manufacturing process. This process, combined with the Pocket's finely tuned brushless motor system, delivers precise control and shake-free stabilization. Additional design perks include an intuitive touchscreen for easy operation, ergonomic, single-handed design, universal connection port for your smartphone, and a passive cooling system that keeps operation quiet and performance consistent.

Arguably more impressive than camera specs and miniaturized gimbal system are all the functions and modes DJI managed to pack into the Pocket. Users familiar with DJI drones will recognize both ActiveTrack and Motionlapse modes. ActiveTrack allows you to select a target for the Osmo Pocket to track and record, while Motionlapse is DJI's take on time-lapse video, allowing you to condense an entire day into a single, stabilized shot. That's not all. The Osmo Pocket also includes additional photog-friendly functions, such as Panorama, FPV, and NightShot—each aimed at giving users a unique way to capture the moment. These features can be accessed using the new DJI Mimo app, which was designed to give Osmo Pocket users a powerful editing and storytelling tool.

In addition to its native abilities, the Osmo Pocket supports a suite of accessories that will expand its use cases even more. These accessories include a combination charge-and-store case, a wireless module for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, tripod mount, ND filter kit, and more. The accessories are optional, so you can use one, none, or mix and match as the situation demands.

The Osmo Pocket appears to be another breakthrough for DJI. The combination of power, portability, and performance makes the Pocket an ideal shooting solution for Vloggers, travel enthusiasts, or anyone who wants to capture life's impromptu moments in cinematic detail.

You can order the DJI Osmo Pocket now at B&H. What do you think about this ultra-compact, stabilized camera? Does it have a place in your workflow? Leave a comment with your thoughts below!


Can you patch audio in from an external source?  I am a flight instructor in open cockpit aircraft and would like to connect the Osmo to my communication system via 1/8" plug connection.


So, with the battery unable to be removed, this becomes a paperweight when the battery loses it's charge? I'm baffled by the decision to not allow for the switching out of batteries, with how short the shooting time is. Makes it a hard pass for almost anyone, I imagine. Unless I am missing something? Can you switch out batteries?

Unfortunately the battery cannot be swapped out BUT you can use the Osmo Pocket while it is charging. It would be a little clunky but being able to hook it up to power banks would extend the usage time indefinitely.

Hi, the osmo pocket, work like a complementary camero in a wedding producción? Thanks

How will the Osmo Pocket handle weather? Would like to take it down hill skiing this winter.

DJI has announced an Accessory Mount that should allow you to use it in a variety of action-sport scenarios, including skiing. There's also a Waterproof Case on the way that should protect it from any adverse weather conditions. 

is that in available slow motion mode in DJI Osmo Poket ?

With the latest firmware upgrade you now can achieve 120 FPS @ 1080!


Did DJI put a tripod thread on this OSMO? or are you still forced to buy an accessory to mount the camera to a tripod?

You need it, but I won’t force you to buy it. 

But then there is more than one way to skin a cat, to coin a phrase. Ingenuity is the mother of invention. 

What is the low level illuminance requirement.  I do a lot of night work from inside a car, looking out the windshield as I drive.  Does it produce a fair representation of the view ahead?  I currently own a Ronin S for which I have designed a counterweight to allow me to work with a Canon Vixia R72.  The Ronin works fine but is awfully heavy for hand-held use while driving.  The Osmo Pocket would be a nice replacement.

I plan to get this, but not until all the accessories start shipping.  Still sitting around waiting for Insta One X accessories!  I will wait.

Good morning! Will this work in low light? Like an auditorium

The Osmo Pocket has a decent sized 1/2.3-inch sensor for such a small camera and the lens has an f/2.0 aperture.  You will be able to get decent results in lower light.  However for the best results you will want to use as much light as possible.  Usually Auditoriums will have stage lighting that you can take advantage of.


Hello! In comparison videos, it seems that the IQ is similar to the Osmo+. Is there any confirmation or more information on this?

I see digital artifacts in several places on this video. Is it from the camera or from the upload compression?

able to pause and see at frame at 5:04. I included a still shot but apparently this blog doesn't allow picture uploads in comments.

Hi Mia,

This is likely from a combination of factors. I would guess the low-light conditions and small sensor require some degree of in-camera noise reduction, on top of that you are compressing the footage to a decent 100 Mb/s and then the final upload and editing requires yet some more compression. Basically, I think its a little from the camera and a little from the upload. The sensor size would say performance is really going to shine when you have a lot of light to work with.

I think it's B&H video I've watched footage on Youtube that looks better than this. 

Nice review, Brett. I only had an issue with the word "cinematic". I'm sure that owning it and learning it can help anybody deliver nice results, but I don't see that much latitude so far. Have you had a chance to play with it further?

Will you be able to add polarized filters?

Right now, DJI has only announced ND filters for the Osmo Pocket. 

Is there an adapter to mount this as a dash cam? 

Hi Allen!

So, DJI says they have an accessory mounting on the way that will allow you to mount the Pocket for different "action-based scenarios." No telling yet whether we'll be able to use it as a dash cam, although if it can be mounted to the hood of a vehicle, it's definitely a possibility. 

It will get too warm/hot to continue working as a dash cam.

and it’s WAY too much money to spend on a dash cam. 

How durable is this? Could it be a replacement for a GoPro and gimble setup?

It feels fairly durable in hand and DJI offers both accessory mounts for action-based scenarios and waterproof case (rated to 196') for underwater recording. So it definitely does have some action/adventure application. That being said, if you're doing something like skiing or snowboarding (or along those line), I think a GoPro is better suited. 

Does the "motion lapse" feature in this new pocket version work in the same way as the original Osmo "motion lapse"?  Motion time lapse is one of my favorite features.

Ooops ... I see on youtube that the motion time-lapse works the same. 




Hi Derek -

It seems to work in basically the same manner.

Looks great - will ask: can Rode VideoMic Me-L Directionat Microphone for iOS Devices be connected for a better sound?

Thanks for the question, Ole! Although we can't guarantee compatibility with every mic, we can tell you that DJI does offer a 3.5mm adapter that allows you to connect external mics to the Pocket for enhanced audio. 

Does this a holder to connect mobile for viewing? How is the sound recording quality?

Hi Rama -

The adapter is included and the sound quality is pretty good and is comparable to the audio quality of most point and shoot cameras.

Does it have a selfie mode to vlog and see the screen?


Hi Kevin!

It does have a selfie mode. And what's neat about it is a feature DJI calls FaceTrack, which works a lot like ActiveTrack. Basically, you enter selfie mode and the Pocket locks onto your face to keep you centered in the shot.


I believe that this little camera may become the de facto standard blogging camera. 

• from the Book of Rainer 👳🏼

Looks great but can you tell me if it has options to add a mic for better sound? Maybe through the USB C connection on the bottom!

Great question, Kevin! DJI does offer a 3.5mm adapter that will allow you to use an external mic.