En-"light"-en Your iOS Video Rig With Manfrotto’s Lumimuse 8 Bluetooth


Manfrotto's latest addition to the Lumimuse lineup is the new Bluetooth-enabled Lumimuse 8. This iteration of the small, yet powerful, on-camera light takes everything that's great about the existing Lumimuse 8, and adds Bluetooth wireless control via the free Lumimuse iOS app.

This light is nearly identical to the Lumimuse 8, with its 8 LED lights throwing up to 550 lux of luminosity (at 3.3' away). The difference lies in the Bluetooth version's ability to be dimmed seamlessly through the app. Four-step dimming adjustments can be done on the light itself, much like the original Lumimuse 8. Also like the original Lumimuse 8, the Bluetooth-enabled model runs on a built-in USB-rechargeable lithium-ion battery, for around an hour of run time, and includes diffusion and CTO filters with a holder, as well as a static shoe mount.

Installing the Lumimuse app on your iOS device unlocks the full capabilities of the Lumimuse 8 Bluetooth light. The app is constructed like a standard camera app, with photo and video recording facilities built in. An on-screen slider provides precise light-output adjustment. Up to four lights can be controlled independently, while up to 13 Lumimuse or LYKOS lights can be connected at any given time. The app also has a widget component that can be used without opening the app.

With tight integration between the iOS device and the Lumimuse 8 Bluetooth, mobile videographers using their iOS devices to create content can benefit greatly from this product synergy. Would you create videos with your smartphone using the app and Lumimuse 8 Bluetooth? Get the conversation started in the Comments section, below.