Entaniya Lenses and Rigs for Ribcage-Modified GoPro Cameras


GoPro cameras have become a staple in the creation of spherical video content with the rise of custom, multi-camera rigs. But with more cameras comes more difficulty when stitching the video files together in post. Entanyia looks to simplify the process by offering lenses and mounts specifically designed for use with Back-bone Gear’s Ribcage Modified GoPro cameras, which are now available at B&H.

Entaniya offers three fisheye lenses, available with 220-, 250-, and 280-degree-horizontal angles of view  that can be used with a Ribcage-modified GoPro via an included CS mount adapter. A GoPro camera that has been Ribcage-modified by Back-Bone Gear has had the faceplate and lens removed in favor of an aluminum plate and interchangeable lens-mounting system. Offering a wider angle of view than the standard built-in GoPro lens, the Entanyia fisheye lenses let you create spherical video content using fewer cameras, thus simplifying the video stitching process.

For streamlined spherical video creation, you can use Entaniya’s Back-to-Back Panoramic Rig, a mounting plate that configures two Ribcage Modified GoPros facing in opposite directions. In this setup, each camera captures half of the final spherical video when equipped with one of the Entaniya fisheye lenses. If you want to create 360-degree content without any stitching, Entanyia also offers its 280 One Cam Rig. Designed for use with a Ribcage Modified GoPro paired with the 280-degree fisheye lens, this bracket lets you mount the camera on its back and use the ultra-wide angle to capture 360-degree by 280-degree video.