Filmmakers Need the Atomos Shinobi Onboard HDMI Monitor


Love the Atomos line of professional onboard monitor/recorders but have no need for external recording when shooting with your DSLR? Treat yourself to the 5" Atomos Shinobi monitor for accurate in-the-field viewing and precision image control. Compatible with HDMI-output DSLRs, mirrorless, or video cameras, the Shinobi also works as a high-quality monitor for most HDMI-out tablets and smartphones.

The Shinobi supports a wide variety of color gamuts, popular log formats from ARRI, Canon, JVC, Panasonic, RED, and Sony, and supports up to 30 fps DCI or UHD 4K video. The monitor's AtomHDR technology enables you to view log gamma footage without applying a LUT or you can import a custom/3D LUTs via the Shinobi's SD card slot. Imaging features include 10.5 stops of latitude, focus peaking, false color, vectorscope and waveform functions, and anamorphic de-squeeze.

The 10-bit IPS screen outputs 1000 cd/m2 of brightness for daylight viewing and with a weight of 7 oz, this 1" slim, 5.2" monitor is substantially lighter than the 5" Atomos Ninja V. Power the Atomos Shinobi using a Sony L-series battery or a battery eliminator.

Has using one of the Atomos daylight-viewable professional monitors/recorders or Atomos's AtomHDR technology streamlined your capture process? Share your thoughts below.