Firmware Update for DJI Spark Improves Battery Life, Safety, and Performance


Coming soon to a DJI Spark above you: a firmware update aimed at improving battery life and enhancing the overall safety and flight performance of your quadcopter. This latest update promises to bolster your Spark’s battery management system, optimizing the way it supplies power during flight, enabling you to stay in the air longer. It also allows for full integration between your aircraft and the DJI Goggles and enhances compatibility with the optional remote, expanding your FPV options and improving the overall first-person-view experience. Other features, such as PalmLaunch and the QuickShot Dronie mode, will receive some fine-tuning as well, all to make your Spark flying experience as safe and satisfying as possible.

Installation of the new update is easy: While connected to the Internet, simply open the DJI GO 4 app and you will be prompted to install. Or you can update the firmware using the DJI Assistant 2 desktop software.

The new update is mandatory and should be completed by users by September 1. If the firmware of either the battery or aircraft isn’t updated by September 1, your Spark will not be able to take off, so make sure you download and update it right away.

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