Five LED Fresnel Lights from Mole Richardson


Mole Richardson’s five newest LED Fresnel lights, spanning the range from 100 to 1600 watts, are available at B&H. For those looking for the punch and lens size of a traditional tungsten 10K, the 1600-watt Tener features a 14" borosilicate glass lens and is available as either Tungsten (10,000 watt incandescent equivalent) or Daylight (equivalent to a 2500 watt HMI Solarspot). With the same functionality and sharing the same accessories as the traditional 10,000 watt incandescent Baby-Tener, these lights offer a simple path to switching to and reaping the benefits of LED lighting with a large Fresnel source and DMX512 functionality.

Moving down in both power and lens size are Mole’s 400-watt Vari-Studio Junior and 200-watt Vari-Mole LED light fixtures. The Vari-Studio Junior features a 10" Borosilicate glass Fresnel lens and a color-temperature range switchable between 2700 and 5600K locally or via DMX, with dimming from 100 to 0%, allowing you to integrate it easily into your existing studio lighting either tungsten or color. It shares accessories with Mole’s Studio Junior LED, with greater output than either Mole’s Junior LED or a Baby Solarspot. The 200-watt Vari-Mole LED is suitable for location work and roughly equivalent to a 650-watt Tweenie. It features an IP 20 rating and detachable power cord and has a variable color-temperature range of 2700 to 5600K with local/manual color tuning and dimming.

Rounding out these new lights is the 100-watt 5" LED Fresnel. With a composite housing, this daylight-balanced fixture is sturdy and lightweight, supporting the DMX512 protocol for flicker-free local and remote dimming. It features an LCD view screen, allowing you to set the DMX channel and manually control the light. It is suitable for studio and location work and comparable to a 650-watt incandescent Fresnel. So, if you are looking  to build an LED Fresnel lighting package or replace some of your current incandescent light fixtures, Mole Richardson has what you need.