Godox Announces KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights


Godox has announced the KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights, available in 2, 4, and 8-foot lengths. Perfect for lighting tight spaces or combining to illuminate larger subjects, these versatile LEDs are equally suited to matching environmental light or adding creative colors in the frame.

KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights
KNOWLED RGBWW Pixel Tube Lights

With a CCT range from 2000 -10000K, adjustable in 100K increments and hue adjustment from 0-360 degrees, users are able to dial in specific colors precisely for consistent results. Additionally, Gel, HSI, and RGBWW modes can be used to achieve specific colors when needed.  

Remote control is possible via DMX, CRMX, and Godox Light 3.0 (Bluetooth). Depending on the complexity of a setup, lights can be switched between 8 and 16-bit modes. On-light control is also possible using a rotatable screen and interface.

Seventeen customizable special effects and three built-in pixel effects can be used to add dynamism to video scenes. Visuals can also be mapped on lighting arrays to create impressive effects.

A variety of separately available accessories accompany the new lights, including 2, 4, and 8-light brackets, modifiers to control shape and spill, and floor stands. They can be purchased individually or as multiple-light kits. 

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