Hollyland Announces Pyro S 4K HDMI/SDI Video Transmission System

Hollyland Announces Pyro S 4K HDMI/SDI Video Transmission System

Hollyland is expanding its newly released Pyro H wireless video transmission system with an SDI-friendly variant, the Pyro S. The new version features the same 1300’ transmission distance, ultra-low latency, and compact design as the Pyro H, but adds SDI support for SDI ENG/EFP operators.

Transmission Power

The Pyro S offers the same powerful performance as the Pyro H, including the 1300’ line-of-sight maximum transmission distance, ultra-low latency, dual-band technology, and support for up to 4K30 video transmission via HDMI. In addition to those impressive features, the Pyro S adds SDI support, which allows operators to transmit and receive SDI video up to 1080p at 60 fps.

Pyro H Wireless Video Transmission System
Pyro H Wireless Video Transmission System

The Pyro S system also supports automatic frequency hopping, which means it will seamlessly cycle through the strongest frequencies to provide the highest quality transmission. In Broadcast Mode, up to four receivers are supported simultaneously at up to 650’ range, so you can transmit from a stacked video village to multiple locations with virtually no latency.


If you want to go live instantly, the Pyro S allows you to stream from your camera to the internet using the included USB-C adapter. Utilizing the USB connection, you can stream directly to your favorite website or social media site. The USB feature supports plug-and-play UVC communication, making it compatible with most live-streaming applications.

Power & Accessories

Both the Pyro S transmitter and receiver can be powered using the built-in L-series battery plates or with the new power adapter. Additionally, two of Hollyland’s newly released accessories, the adjustable shoe adapter mount and screw fitting, are both compatible with the Pyro S.

For more information about the Hollyland’s new Pyro S wireless video transmission system, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product pages for the Pyro S and each of its accessories. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all of your questions and comments.