HPRC 2600BEB for the Parrot BeBop Quadcopter: Hard Case, Tough Customer


Impact-resistant, water-tight resin hard cases from HPRC, with their distinctive red handle, have been a staple on productions for quite some time. In most cases, users themselves pick and pluck the foam inserts to achieve their desired interior configuration, or they opt for the flexibility of dividers, which can be easily rearranged but don't hold contents as snugly. Wouldn't it be nice for something a bit more turnkey-like? Well, UAV users are in luck, as HPRC offers a range of cases with custom-cut foam interiors, including wheeled and handheld variants based on the 2600 series, designed specifically for the Parrot BeBop Quadcopter—the HPRC2600WBEB and 2600BEB, respectively.

In addition to the assembled BeBop with props and prop guards in place, the cases hold three spare batteries and a battery charger, a set of spare props or the instruction manual, and feature additional cavities for cables, tools, and other accessories that you might need.  

Of the two models, the handheld version is a bit lighter, at approximately 11 lb compared to approximately 15.5 lb, and the exterior is slightly slimmer all around, about 1", give or take. Internally, they are virtually identical and both feature the same cutouts. The wheeled model features a retractable handle for rolling, plus it features a top handle that, like its sibling, enables briefcase-style carrying as well. Both feature a pressure-release valve to ensure the cases do not compress or bloat the way many watertight cases do following a change in elevation, especially when flying.

A good case is probably the most important accessory investment you can make. For maximal protection of your expensive gear, it’s hard to beat an HPRC resin case.