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ikan X3 Handheld Electronic Gimbal for Smartphone


The smartphone is quickly becoming the go-to video camera for the average consumer―it’s small, fits in your pocket, and you always have it on you. As video quality increases, smartphones have even found a place on narrative film and commercial sets. With this rise in popularity, many accessories have been released to make the phone more usable for serious video work. One of the problems inherent in working with such a small camera is shaky or jittery footage. This is where the X3 Handheld Electronic Gimbal, from ikan, can make all the difference in the stability of your footage.

"The X3 Gimbal brings an electronic gyroscope with motorized 3-axis stabilization to your smartphone."

The X3 Gimbal brings an electronic gyroscope with motorized 3-axis stabilization to your smartphone. This enables you to record smooth-floating video. The gyroscope is powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, which provides approximately two hours of use. Unlike other motorized-gimbal stabilizers, which try to keep the camera perfectly level and looking straight ahead at all times, the X3 will follow the motion of your hand, allowing you to pan and tilt the camera with your wrist. The heavier your phone is, the more strain it will put on the motors, affecting the amount of pan or tilt range the X3 can provide. With a 7-ounce phone, the range is approximately 20 degrees.

Designed to be an on-the-go piece of gear, the X3 is quick and easy to set up, with the three-step process typically taking less than a minute to complete. Simply secure your smartphone in the clamp, turn on the X3 gimbal, and then it will auto-calibrate based on the size and weight of your phone. Once it’s calibrated, you are ready to capture smooth-floating video wherever you go. The X3’s adjustable clamp features foam padding to keep your phone safe and secure, and accommodates most standard-sized smartphones under 3" wide, which includes iPhones, Razrs, and HTCs.

Whether you’re an aspiring filmmaker, action sports enthusiast, or traveler who wants to capture the moment without worrying about shaky footage, the X3 Handheld Electronic Gimbal is definitely a tool for the smartphone set.


Bought one.  I was unimpressed.   The slightest hand movment in either pan or tilt axis results in corresponding movement in that direction.  Might as well be a 1 axis stabilizer.  Sending back.

With a wide angel lens attached to the iPhone, wouldn't  that backplate be in the way and be seen by the wider angel now ?

It will depend on what lens you are using and how wide it is. A wide lens should be okay whereas a fisheye would likely catch the plate in view.