KNEKT GP3, GP3+, and GPLT Trigger Handles for GoPro

GP3+ Trigger Handle GP3 Trigger Handle GPLT Trigger Handle

These three Trigger Handles for GoPro cameras provide a unique, pistol-grip-style solution for handheld work and promote one-handed operation. The camera sits in a balanced cradle and a spring-loaded trigger is provided to start and stop recording or snap a photos. There are three Trigger options: the GP3, which fits most HERO3 housings;the GP3+, which fits the most HERO3+ housings; and the "open" GPLT, which forgoes the cage to reduce weight and works with most HERO3 and HERO3+ housings plus The Frame.

The GP3 and GP3+ feature an aluminum frame that surrounds the camera, helping to protect it, as well as provide three 1/4"-20 accessory mounting points for items such as shotgun microphones that can't be mounted directly on the GoPro. Because they are form fitting, they require the camera to be in its underwater housing, and will work with or without a BacPac back door attached. The Blackout Housing cannot be attached to either model.


At 5.5 ounces, the GPLT provides a lighter alternative where protection and accessory mounting are not top priorities. It is more flexible in that it supports both the HERO3 and HERO3+ housings, The Frame, and even the Blackout Housing. Accessory users are not out of luck, however, as it still provides two 1/4"-20 mounting sockets. All three models retain full access to camera controls, while the GPLT provides port access as long as the camera is in a skeleton housing.