Matte Boxes and Follow Focus Units from Alphatron Broadcast Electronics


Don’t let the word “electronics” in the company name fool you―Alphatron Broadcast Electronics makes a comprehensive line of matte boxes, follow focus units and follow focus accessories for video production. The 4 x 4 matte boxes are available as clip-on or rod-mounted with a swing-away bracket. You can remove the swing-away bracket to convert it to a clip-on matte box, providing you one matte box for any shooting situation.


The Pro Pull Follow Focus unit works with virtually any lens, with or without gears, and Alphatron seems to have considered just about every scenario you may encounter, providing interchangeable lens gears, reversible focus direction, two index points that convert to hard stops, a replaceable marking disk, and three different rod-mounting clamps. Add the removable lens gear rings and replaceable marking disk and you have a highly flexible system that is well worth considering.