Monitor RC Video Feeds with the Fat Shark FPV Lineup


Experience the thrill of RC piloting like never before with the FPV lineup, from Fat Shark. At the heart of the lineup are the company’s FPV headsets, which strap around your head like a pair of goggles, displaying the video downlink from the wireless transmitter on your RC aircraft. Several models are available, from the all-in-one Attitude V2 with built-in recording to microSD cards, to the DominatorV2 and DominatorHD that accept removable receiver and head-tracker modules.


To supply video to the headsets, Fat Shark offers FPV-tuned, aircraft-mountable cameras. For the most immersive experience, the camera can be mounted in the Pan/Tilt/Roll Camera Mount, allowing you to control its movement using a headset equipped with a Trinity 3-Axis Head Tracker. To support the headsets and cameras, various accessories are also available, including transmitters, antennas, batteries, chargers, cables, and even a diopter lens insert kit.


Waiting on the release of the HD goggles

I have a Phantom Vison +. How can I use the goggles?

There are no goggle options for the Vision models. The Vision is made to be an all in one solution.