MOTU HDX SDI, Now with Thunderbolt Connectivity


Now with Thunderbolt connectivity, this video input/output from MOTU provides efficient video capture from both digital and analog video sources. Inputting and outputting full high-definition video and audio via Thunderbolt cable makes perfect sense for the new Mac Pro and Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pros and PCs.


Using this super-fast interface, the HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt allows you to capture and encode for the format of your editing system. Cross-platform compatible, it works with both Mac OSX and Windows 8, 7, or Vista. In Avid Media Composer, Premiere, and Final Cut 7, the I/O supports full-raster capture and monitoring. For Final Cut X, it gives you broadcast-quality monitoring of video and audio.

Inputs and outputs include HD/SD-SDI and component video on BNC connectors, HDMI, composite RCA, and S-Video. Well known for audio, MOTU includes comprehensive analog and digital audio input and output with onboard 1/4" TRS connections, AES/EBU digital with BNC connectors, plus embedded audio support from the compatible video inputs. Color grading is supported using American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision Lists (ASC CDLs) with separate settings for capture and playback.



will this item work with both Pal and NTSC systems and has both HDMI and SDI inputs and out puts

Am I mistaken or is there only one Thunderbolt port?

This would mean it specifically cannot daisy chain with other devices, but rather can only terminate a chain of devices.

That said, excited to see this product in Motu's lineup. Can't wait to see reviews.

Hi Russell -

Thank you for pointing out this error to us. We truly appreciate that you took the time to let us know.

And you are certainly not mistaken -  there is only one Thunderbolt port.  We willl edit the article to reflect this.

Thanks again for helping us make this blog better.

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