NAB 2015: OConnor O-Rig 15mm Rod Support System


OConnor saw NAB 2015 as the perfect venue to debut its new O-Rig, a universal handheld 15mm rod support system designed to work with nearly any camera-and-lens combination. To offer maximum flexibility, the system’s universal baseplate is height adjustable, with reference marks to dial in the correct height for the camera you’re shooting with accurately. An OConnor fluid-head-compatible sliding plate is provided, offering a quick top-release interface and slide adjustment for your rig.

Additional components of the system include a matte box bridge, articulating O-Grips, and a fully adjustable offset bracket that lets you configure the height and offset of the rig to exactly what you need. Adding to the versatility of the rig is the leather shoulder pad, which can be positioned on top of, behind, or in front of your shoulder in more of a shoulder-stock type position. The rig components will be available separately, or in a pre-packed PRO Kit with the components shipped inside a hard case with custom foam interior.

In the following video, B&H Photo’s Steven Gladstone meets up with Steven Turner, from Vitec Videocom, on the NAB 2015 trade show floor, for a first look at the new O-Rig system.

Please check back for pricing and availability.