NAB 2015: Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light


Rotolight is catching the eye of many people with its new NEO on-camera LED light, debuting at NAB 2015. With a brightness of 1,077 lux at 3', the light is one of the brightness on-camera LEDs available, but can be dimmed to taste using its rear dial. The light delivers a soft, pleasing light output with high color accuracy. It also features Rotolight’s signature circular shape, which yields a distinctive round catchlight in the subject’s eye. In addition to dimming, the light also has a second rear dial for adjusting color temperature from 3150 to 6300K in 10-degree Kelvin increments. Users are sure to appreciate the digital readout on the back of the light that makes it easy to see exactly what your light output percentage and color temperature happens to be.

The NEO On-Camera LED Light also offers three unique features that help set it apart from the field. By clicking both rear buttons, you bring up a menu system that lets you access the Designer Fade mode to create custom lighting fades with a specified duration, for capturing in-camera fade effects. The light also has a True Aperture Dimming mode that accurately calculates the correct f-stop for your subject at a given distance. The third feature available is the CineSFX mode, which provides custom lighting effects to simulate strobe, lightning, flames, and more.

To power the light, you can use six AA batteries that will keep it going for three hours at full power. You can also plug into an AC adapter or D-Tap power source. Included with the NEO is a filter pack consisting of a half diffuser, full diffuser, 184 skin tone, and magenta filters. Also available is an optional 10-piece filer set that includes cinematic filter such as Rust, Mist Blue, and Hollywood Frost.

In the following video, B&H Photo's Steven Gladstone meets with Rod Aaron Gammons, from Rotolight, on the NAB 2015 trade-show floor for a first look at the new NEO.