NAB 2015 Sneak Peek: Video


NAB is just a few days away now, and here at B&H we have managed to squeeze some information out of manufacturers about what products they will be announcing at the show. So read on for some advanced glimpses of products that will be making their debut at NAB 2015.

Small HD has already announced its 5" on-camera monitor, the 502, which packs a whopping 441 pixels per inch and displays a full 1920 x 1080 image with a 179-degree field of view. The 502 supports both 3G-SDI and HDMI, cross-converts, and provides display tools such as framing guides, focus assist, false color, adjustable presets, and 3D-LUT support, which allows you to apply the same or different LUTs to the display of the 502, as well as to the monitor’s output. Menu navigation is via a built-in joystick and the monitor is available by itself, or with the just announced Sidefinder, which turns the 502 into an extremely high-resolution EVF.

Fujinon has announced that its entire line of Cine Style lenses will be on display and in use at NAB. This includes the recently announced, but rarely seen in the wild, Premiere PL 25-300 Cabrio. As you may recall, the Cabrio lenses feature an optional removable digital drive unit that allows you to convert the lens easily from Cine to an ENG-style lens.

Glidecam Industries is bringing its new Devin Graham Signature Stabilizer System to the show. It builds on the existing Glidecam system design and introduces some new features, including an integrated Manfrotto-style quick release on the top plate (while retaining four-direction micro-adjustment) and innovative laser-etched gimbal height reference markers. Speaking of innovation, Glidecam is also showing off a new weather-resistant and easily cleaned gimbal design, which allows you to adjust the height of the gimbal without using any tools.

In the ever-expanding field of live video streaming, Livestream is presenting its new Broadcaster Pro and Broadcaster Mini products, which can encode your camera’s HDMI video output to H.264 in real time and stream it via Wi-Fi on the Livestream platform, at up to 1080p HD resolution. The Pro model can also stream over wired Ethernet or 4G LTE with a USB modem. These diminutive red boxes are lightweight and unobtrusive, so they can be attached to any handheld camera standard shoe mount without adversely affecting your setup.

Switronix is releasing its line of Hypercore Prime batteries, which can withstand high power draws for extended periods of time without diminishing the batteries’ life. To go along with the Hypercore batteries is Switronix’s new charger, the Hypercine, which not only charges batteries, but also acts as a battery brick when you attach four Hypercore or Hypercore Prime battery packs. Switronix has hinted of another product release, but sadly, our agents were unable to escape with any details.

Try as we could to find out more, Manfrotto is keeping the details of its new Digital Director a closely guarded secret. What we can tell you is that Manfrotto claims this convergence of hardware and App technologies will enhance the workflow of still photographers and videographers alike—something to keep an eye out for as more details are released.

Making its American debut at NAB is FOR-A’s new high-speed 4K camera, the FT-ONE-S. Smaller in size than the original FT-ONE, the FT-ONE-S features a Super 35mm Sensor, can capture 4K footage internally at up to 360 FPS, is dust and impact resistant, and allows the user to separate the camera head from the body for shooting in tight areas or at distances up to one kilometer between camera head and body.

Building on the success of the original One Man Crew, Redrock Micro will debut the One Man Crew Director, which adds wireless connectivity for real-time control of the sliding action via Bluetooth and an Android smartphone. Redrock Micro is also showing off its new addition to the retroFlex series, the retroFlex-S.

Like the original retroFlex for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, the retroFlex-S brings classic pistol-grip ergonomics to your Sony NEX-3, a5000, and a6000 mirrorless cameras. With a built-in Start/Stop trigger handle, a protective metal cage that surrounds the camera, and an optical magnifier for the camera’s LCD screen, everything old is new again.

Now that we’ve whetted your appetite, check back today at 9:01 a.m., when we will reveal detailed information directly from Canon on its newest cameras, which will be making their debut at NAB. Then be sure to check back once NAB starts, for video and written coverage of the unfolding events.

David Adler contributed to this article.

Information contained within is subject to change without notice; please check in for our continuing coverage beginning April 13.