NAB 2018: An Array of Big Products from SmallHD


At NAB 2018, SmallHD showcased its products in an outdoor booth. Even in the harsh Las Vegas sun, many of the company's monitors displayed easily visible video feeds. This year, SmallHD presented new additions to its popular FOCUS line of 5" monitors.

FOCUS SDI: Instead of the micro-HDMI input found on the original Focus monitor, the FOCUS SDI uses an SDI input connection. Now, users of professional ENG and cinema cameras can take advantage of the FOCUS monitor's compact size and wealth of features, such as LUT support and exposure tools.

FOCUS OLED: Instead of the HD LCD screen, this new FOCUS OLED model features—you guessed it—an OLED display panel. Advantages of OLED panels include a wide contrast range, accurate colors, and the ability to represent true black, because individual pixels can be disabled.

FOCUS Bolt: There are not one, but two FOCUS monitors that share the Bolt moniker, the FOCUS Bolt TX and FOCUS Bolt RX. The latter of the two models has a built-in Bolt receiver, courtesy of SmallHD's Creative Solutions partner, Teradek. This receiver is compatible with the latest Bolt transmitters, and provides an integrated receiver/monitor combo with a working range of up to a 500-foot line of sight. It also includes side handles, so it's ready to go as a director's monitor. The FOCUS Bolt TX is perhaps the more interesting of the two monitors. As its name would imply, it features a built-in Bolt transmitter, which is compatible with the latest Bolt receivers, including the aforementioned FOCUS Bolt RX. The FOCUS Bolt TX provides a monitor/transmitter solution that should integrate well into pared-down run-and-gun mirrorless/DSLR camera workflows.

Do any of these products interest you? How do you foresee incorporating them into your normal workflow? Join the conversation and scribe your hypotheses and questions below.