NAB 2018: Announcing the RED EPIC-W GEMINI, a new 5K Dual-Sensitivity Camera


Making a comeback at the NAB Show, in 2018, RED  is introducing its latest camera, the RED EPIC-W GEMINI. This BRAIN features a 5K Super 35-sized sensor, which incorporates a new feature, dual sensitivity modes. Essentially, the sensor can operate at two discrete sensitivities, Standard Mode and Low Light Mode. For most scenarios, Standard Mode will produce the image quality expected from RED's digital cinema cameras. However, when presented with a situation that involves challenging lighting, switch over to the Low Light Mode for higher ISO sensitivity, while maintaining a low noise floor. Shooting naturally-lit nighttime exteriors with full dynamic range and low noise without sacrificing detail is now possible.

Like the RED EPIC-W, on which this camera is based, compatibility with DSMC2 accessories allows you to build the RED EPIC-W GEMINI to fit nearly any pro-video workflow. The 5K sensor can capture up to 96 fps in full-format REDCODE RAW, and it’s large 30.72 x 18mm size is better suited to anamorphic capture than the HELIUM or DRAGON sensor. RED’s IPP2 processing pipeline is supported in-camera, ensuring maximum dynamic range maintenance through post-production. Apple ProRes and Avid DNx formats are available, as well, for non-raw workflows or proxy recording.

If you wanted a RED camera that can shoot in both bright and dark conditions with ease, the RED EPIC-W GEMINI might be the right choice for you. Would you prefer the improved sensitivity and versatility of the EPIC-W GEMINI? Or would you rather go with the massive 8K resolution of the RED EPIC-W HELIUM? Answer in the Comments section, below, and get the conversation started! For product specs, pricing, and availability information, check out the B&H website.