NAB 2018: ikan, ikan, and More ikan!


Ikan came to NAB ready to impress with an astounding lineup of new releases. Among the featured items are the STRATUS camera cages, Oryon LED Ring Lights, a Helia LED Fresnel, Canvas Fabric LED Kits, the PT-ELITE-LS Elite Universal Tablet Teleprompter, the DH7-V2 On-Camera Monitor, and the Atlas AX20 Field Monitor. Of course, plenty of other Ikan products were on display, as well, including the recent PIVOT 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer.

I'm always a fan of lights, and each of the latest LEDs Ikan brought to the show offered a distinctive feature. The CB8 Canvas Fabric LED Light is among the most intriguing, with bendable, lightweight construction that allows for easier positioning and transport. The light is a versatile option for location shooting with a bi-color 3200-5600K color-temperature range and excellent color rendering, with a CRI of 95 and a TLCI of 96. It offers a wide, soft output and a beam angle of 120°. For mounting, the fixture has an X-Holder on a ball mount with standard 5/8" receiver and a baby pin mount with a 90° hole.

While the CB8 may be a solid choice for working on location, the HF150 Helia 150W 4" Fresnel LED Light is going to find itself at home in the studio. It's 4" acrylic lens enables focusing of the beam from 28-70° for shifting from spot to flood as required by each scene. Packed into the fixture is a 150W COB LED that will produce the equivalent output of a 500W tungsten fixture with significantly less power draw. This LED is able to be set with a color temperature between 3200-5600K and offers a CRI and TLCI rating of 96 for reliable color. The light is equipped with DMX in and out connections, permitting remote control of the fixture that can dim from 10-100%. Finally, it offers durable aluminum construction and comes with a yoke, gel frame, barn doors, and a power cord.

The last set of fixtures being released are the Oryon LED Ring Lights, which are easily recognizable by their circular shape. Available in 14 and 18" sizes, these bi-color lights are becoming increasingly popular, especially with vloggers, because they are easy to use, create a flattering light with their half-stop diffusers, and produce an appealing circular catchlight. Ikan has made sure these are suitable for a range of applications with bi-color 3200-5600K operation, a CRI of 96, a TLCI of 97, and the ability to be powered by two easy-to-find Sony L-series batteries. They can be mounted on a light stand and include a 15mm rod adapter.

Next up is a new lineup of STRATUS cages for select cameras. At launch, Ikan is producing dedicated cages for the Sony a6500 (compatible with a6000 and a6300), Panasonic GH5/GH4, Sony a7 II series, and the Sony a7 III series, with each including a top handle, 15mm rods, base, frame, and cable clamp. Each version is slightly different because they are customized to the camera's physical design, though they all share the use of NATO-compatible top handles, an Arca-type-compatible quick-release system, and various mounting threads for attaching accessories. Along with the cages, the STRATUS line will offer some key accessories, including lens supports and a follow focus.

Two monitors were released at the show, and we will start with the Atlas AX20-FK Field Monitor, which is now integrated into a durable hard case. This display measures 19.5", offers 1920 x 1080 resolution, and can support 4K inputs over HDMI, though 3G-SDI and composite inputs are still available for expanded compatibility. Various monitoring tools can be used in real time, such as waveform, vectorscope, LUTs, and more. Moving into the on-camera offering, we have the DH7-V2, a second-generation 7" model with newly implemented touchscreen operation. 1920 x 1200 resolution will provide a sharp, clear image, and the HDMI input will support 4K resolution. Additionally, you will be able to use custom 3D LUTs.

For more elaborate productions, a teleprompter becomes an essential tool and, now, Ikan has an offering that can be conveniently set up on a light stand. Fast setup is a key benefit of the PT-ELITE-LS and it supports various tablets so that you can use a device you already own to create the script. It also weighs less than 3 lb, uses 70/30 beam-splitter glass, and has an adjustable frame.

Already available, the PIVOT is a 3-axis handheld gimbal stabilizer with an angled arm that provides a clear view of the camera's rear screen for monitoring. It can handle cameras up to 8 lb and offers 360° of rotation, as well as tilt and roll control via a joystick. Other benefits include a point-and-lock mode that will keep the camera in a fixed position as you move around. The PIVOT will work with a mobile app to help create time-lapse shots while an integrated OLED screen will show the operator the operating mode and battery life. Additionally, it has a baseplate that supports Manfrotto 501PL plates and has two 1/4"-20 accessory threads and a 3/8"-16 tripod socket. It runs on three 18650 batteries that can keep it powered for 8-10 hours.

To which of Ikan's newest products are you looking forward? Make sure to chime in with a comment below!