NAB 2018: Slinging Video with Style with Sling Media


On the upper level of the South Hall at NAB 2018, we found Sling Media’s booth, where the reps had the SlingStudio video streaming and recording system on display. While the SlingStudio hardware was introduced last year, the inner workings have seen a few updates.

Up to 10 wireless video inputs are now supported, from Camera Link wireless camera connections, or iOS or Android smartphones, up to four of which can be displayed at any time. App control of the SlingStudio Hub is no longer limited to the iPad—you can now control the Hub from a Mac. Digital assets can also be accessed via an attached USB hard drive.

If you want to create a high-resolution master after-the-fact, link the 4K files from your individual cameras to the recording made by the SlingStudio Hub, and you’re ready to fine-tune your real-time edit for a final release.

Sing Media is committed to updating the SlingStudio to fit more production workflows and increasing its flexibility. Check out the SlingStudio equipment on the B&H website, and be sure to keep an eye on our Explora blog for more NAB 2018 coverage.