NAB 2019: Atomos 5" Shinobi SDI and 4K HDMI Professional On-Camera Monitor


If you felt the Atomos Shinobi professional HDMI on-camera monitor was not versatile enough for your varied camera types, Atomos heard you and responded with the 5.2" Atomos Shinobi SDI HD-SDI and 4K HDMI monitor. The Shinobi SDI features 1920 x 1080 resolution and allows you to monitor high-definition, Log, and HDR video with precision control; and now you can input HD-SDI video, as well as 4K HDMI.

The Shinobi SDI is compatible with professional broadcast and cine cameras with HD-SDI BNC connectors, as well as HDMI-output DSLR and mirrorless cameras and most HDMI-out tablets and smartphones. It supports 1080p video input through its HD-SDI port and up to 4K video input through its HDMI port. Another solid addition to your production is the SDI loop-through which supports up to 2K video output to send to an additional monitor, recorder, or switcher.

Atomos's AtomHDR technology enables you to view log gamma footage in real time without applying a LUT, or you can import a custom/3D LUTs by way of the SD card slot. Imaging features include 10+ stops of dynamic range, focus peaking, false color, histogram, vectorscope, waveform, and anamorphic de-squeeze. The Shinobi SDI also supports monitoring up to two channels of 24-bit embedded audio through its HDMI input, and it supports up to eight channels of 24-bit embedded audio through its 3G-SDI input.

The monitor's 10-bit IPS capacitive touchscreen outputs 1000 cd/m2 brightness for crisp daylight viewing. Its lightweight polycarbonate body weighs only 7.8 oz, which is significantly lighter than the 5" Atomos Ninja V. Power the Shinobi SDI using its built-in Sony L-series battery slot, which can last up to six hours of continuous use with a high-capacity battery, or it can be powered via the battery eliminator.

Have you used one of Atomos's on-camera professional monitors with Atomos's AtomHDR technology in your production process? Share your thoughts below.