NAB 2019: Luxli Demos Viola 2 and Taiko 2x1 LED Lights


Luxli has been doing wonderful work in the affordable lighting world, and the latest batch of Orchestra-series lights is on display at NAB 2019. First, we check out the compact Viola2, a phenomenal update of an already excellent light, and then get a preview of the upcoming Taiko 2x1 panel.

Completely replacing the internals and swapping out the LEDs, the Viola2 is a different light entirely, with boosted performance all around. Now, the light offers RGBAW LEDs, providing a variable color temperature of 3000-10000K and full color mixing—no more gels required. This puts it on par with the Timpani and Cello lights, making it a great part of the Orchestra series.

The biggest announcement is of the Taiko 2x1, named after the Japanese drum. It features the same RGBAW LEDs as the Viola2 but comes in a much bigger package. It has a removable front diffuser to soften output, though with the diffuser removed, it becomes an ultra-powerful fixture. We were able to cast light noticeably on the ceiling of the massive Las Vegas Convention Center. The developer also stated that it will be a dual-addressable light, allowing the effects to be split between each side of the panel for more elaborate and specialized looks.

The Taiko has a full-color LCD on the rear, packs in Bluetooth for control via the app, and has two V-mount or Gold mount battery plates. Even the yoke has been redesigned—it now has a single-handed release. For specs, the light will put out 7,500 lux at 3.3' with the diffuser and 14,500 lux without the diffuser.

Is this the LED setup for you? Had a chance to use a Luxli Orchestra light before? What did you think? Please feel free to leave a comment below and follow B&H Explora for more news from NAB 2019.