NAB 2019: Manfrotto Updates Tripods, 600 Series Fluid Heads, Lykos Lights


Manfrotto has announced several new and updated models in its fluid head, tripod, and on-camera lighting lines, at NAB 2019. First up, the carbon fiber Twin-Leg Video Tripods now have two sturdy aluminum companions, which feature a ground-level or mid-level spreader. Also introduced is the new top-range Nitrotech 600 series, featuring 608 and 612 fluid heads with tripod systems that include aluminum and carbon fiber models. To round out this big update, Manfrotto has also updated the Lykos on-camera LED lights to daylight and bi-color Lykos 2.0 models.

The new aluminum ground and mid-level spreader twin-leg tripods improve on the 537SPRB line with a redesigned mid-level spreader, a lighter design, sturdier leg locks, and they feature a 100mm bowl with a 75mm adapter for different fluid-head sizes. The two-stage legs also feature spiked feet with rubber shoes for added stability, and the spreaders are removable.

The new Nitrotech 600 Series video line includes two new fluid heads that feature new fluid-drag-system technology and a new, more precise Nitrogen piston counterbalance mechanism. The 608 fluid head has a continuous counterbalance weight of 0 to 17.6 lb with a maximum payload of 17.6 lb, and the 612 fluid head has a continuous counterbalance weight of 8.8 to 26.4 lb with a payload of 26.4 lb. The Nitrotech counterbalance system can be continuously adjusted so it is more precise than a stepped or fixed system, and it has a smooth drag and 360° panning range. Both heads come with ARRI-style handle rosettes, illuminated bubble levels, and they have redesigned counterbalance knobs. The new tripod systems come in several variations including a 608 or 612 head, single leg aluminum, or twin-leg aluminum or carbon fiber legs with mid-level or ground level spreaders. To protect and transport your gear, each fluid head tripod system includes a padded carry bag.

The last two items in Manfrotto's big release are the two compact Lykos 2.0 on-camera lights. Fully redesigned from the 1.0 model, the 2.0 lights come in daylight and bi-color models that can be controlled by onboard knobs or conveniently via built-in Bluetooth, with the Manfrotto LED app for iOS or Android. They both have color LCD screens and a built-in lens to ensure accurate color rendition, and they feature eight cold shoes and three 1/4"-20 threads to attach additional accessories. In addition to the cold shoes, six cold-shoe mounting adapters are included that allow you to attach four Lykos lights together to form a larger grid lighting panel. The lights can be powered with AC or via a dual-battery mount with either two Sony L-series or Canon LP-E6 batteries, or with one of each. The daylight model includes a CTO and a 1/4 CTO for when you need to alter the color temperature, and both models include a diffuser panel to soften the spread of your light.

So, if you're looking for a professional tripod system or powerful on-camera light, check out Manfrotto's new twin-leg tripods, 608 and 612 fluid heads and tripod systems, and Lykos 2.0 on-camera lights on the B&H Photo Website or in the B&H Photo SuperStore. Please feel free to share your experiences using the Lykos lights or 600 Series tripod systems below, in our Comments section.