NAB 2019: Tenba Demos Cineluxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24


Handheld gimbal stabilizers are lifesavers. The only problem is that larger models generally must be reassembled and balanced if you are traveling to separate locations. Tenba has an answer for that: the Cineluxe Pro Gimbal Backpack 24. It lets you pack away your FREEFLY MōVI Pro or DJI Ronin 2 while keeping all your tools mounted.

The design allows the gimbal stage to be packed away in a balanced configuration, ensuring it remains ready to go when taken out. It also smartly uses the gimbal’s quick release to keep the camera stage inside the pack while the ring is secured to the bag’s exterior with four straps. Another advantage is a large, “doctor bag” style opening that features a single zipper down the middle for rapid access. It includes two padded wraps and a padded zippered pouch.

As a bag, the Cineluxe Pro Gimbal benefits from Tenba’s experience because it incorporates an Airflow back panel and Pivot-Fit harness straps. It also weighs 10 lb, has exterior dimensions of 17.5 x 23 x 11.5", and interior dimensions of 16 x 21.5 x 9.5".

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