NAB 2019: Westcott Announces Flex Cine Dimmer, Kits, and StripMats


Westcott is kicking off NAB with a SHEBANG as it unveils its Flex Cine Dimmer, three Flex Cine LED Mat kits made in partnership with Peter Hurley, new RGBW StripMats, and several new Flex Cine LED Mat kits.

Adding even more flexibility to the Flex Cine LED Mat lineup, the Flex Cine Dimmer allows for adjusting Flex Cine bi-color and daylight mats up to 1 x 2'. Controlling power and color temperature (for bi-color lights) can be done either using the intuitive interface on the dimmer, or remotely, via a dedicated mobile app. Additional features include four customizable lighting presets, backward compatibility with Flex 1 x 1' and 1 x 2' mats via an optional legacy TE-9 Pin Adapter, and power through an included AC adapter or most 14.4-26V V-mount batteries.

Westcott has teamed up with headshot guru Peter Hurley to develop three lighting kits designed for making professional portraits using Flex Cine LED mats and a bevy of accessories. Two of the kits center upon three daylight or bi-color 1 x 2' Flex Cine LEDs to provide lightweight, powerful continuous light, perfect for headshots. Each also includes three Cine Dimmers so that the power of each light can easily and quickly be tweaked independently. Additionally, each light can be combined with an included 1 x 2' Flex Cine Frames and Scrim Jim Cine Full-Stop 2-Layer Diffusion to allow even further light control. Three Cine yokes and grip heads allow you to attach each light to your favorite light support. A wheeled gear case is included for storage, protection, and transport. 

For photographers wanting maximum freedom and control, Hurley and Westcott put together a Wireless DMX kit, which combines two 1 x 3' and one 1 x 2' Flex Cine Bi-color LED Mats, Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer, and appropriately sized Flex Cine Frames and Scrim Jim Cine Full-Stop Two-Layer Diffusion. Cine yokes, grip heads, dimmer cases, and a deluxe rolling gear case complete the kit.

If you don't need three lights but you still want to flex, Westcott has also created single-light kits around 1 x 1' and 1 x 2' Flex Cine Bi-color LEDs that include matching Flex Cine Frames, Flex Cine Hard Diffusion Panels, Flex Yoke, Grip heads, and gear bags. Daylight and Bi-color kits for 1 x 1' Flex Cine LEDs are also available with Flex Cine Dimmers and the Flex Cine X-Bracket, designed to attach to surfaces like chairs, tables, or shelves easily. Compatible ¼-Stop Diffusion Fabric is also included.  

Rounding the kit offerings is the Flex Cine Bi-Color LED 2-Light Travel Kit for on-the-go photographers. Based around two 1 x 1' bi-color LED mats with Flex Cine Dimmers, it includes two 26V Lithium-ion batteries that can power your shoot for up to three hours at full power. An included dual charger expedites recharging. A Flex Cine soft box, diffuser, and grid are included, as well as a waterproof hard case so you can take your gear wherever you need.

Westcott is also expanding its Flex Cine RGBW LED lineup with the introduction of 4" x 4' and 4" x 6' StripMats for squeezing nearly any color light into tight spaces on set. Do note that a Flex Cine Wireless DMX Dimmer and adapter or battery is required for operation.

Finally, Westcott has announced Flex Magnetic Mounts so that you can quickly and indiscreetly secure Flex Cine and legacy Flex LED mats on set.

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