The New GoPro 3-Way: It’s a Boom, It’s a Grip, It’s a Tripod


The newly announced 3-Way Mount from GoPro is, in fact, designed to be used three ways: as a camera grip, extension arm, or tripod. It is collapsible and measures 7.5" folded, and can be expanded up to 20" at full length. The extension arm folds to help you get just the right amount of reach, or it can be removed entirely if you simply want to the use the grip part. Tucked away conveniently inside the handgrip is a mini tripod that connects to the base or directly to your GoPro's housing.

With the 3-Way Mount, the possibilities are endless. Use the grip as a handheld shooter for following action. Use the extension arm to make self-portraits while keeping the camera and the mount out of the frame, or extend the camera so you can get an overhead shot or compose from hard-to-reach spots. For the most stability, where the camera can remain stationary, employ the tripod mode and let the action fly past you. The system is waterproof so you can safely take it surfing, snorkeling, or whatever your favorite water sport happens to be. Additionally, if you fill the tripod compartment with water, you can even create neutral buoyancy for scuba diving.



that's a very usefull product for go pro hero cameras. I got it in Israel at this page 

What is the price for the tripod? Also will it fir the Sony (progo) look alike?

Our site is live with pricing.  That being said, you can find the price of the GoPro 3-Way on the camera’s page on our site if you click on the image of the 3-Way above.  Unfortunately, the GoPro 3-Way is not compatible with the Sony HDR-AS100V POV Action Cam.  You can use any tripod with ¼”-20 thread with the AS100, as it comes with a tripod adapter.  We carry many table top and mini tripods.  Click Here