New Nanuk Soft Bag Ecosystem Maximizes Your Organization

New Nanuk Soft Bag Ecosystem Maximizes Your Organization

Known for durable hard cases with corresponding internal organizers, Nanuk has turned its focus to other organizational pursuits with the release of the Soft Bag Ecosystem. The system includes three subcategories—Photo/Video/Drone Bags, Cubik Organizers, and Cubik Tech Pouches—all ready to take your gear on the go.

N-PVD Bags

N-PVD bags are designed to hold photo, video, or drone equipment, including cameras, while prioritizing comfort. 360° foam padding, EVA compression-molded foam bottom panels, and padded straps on each bag ensure even weight distribution, additional impact protection, and less body strain. All of the bags include removeable rain covers, padded trolley handles, and lockable main compartment zippers. Padded internal dividers can be custom configured to suit your needs. Four different sizes hold varying loadouts depending on your gear.

N-PVD 15
N-PVD 40

The N-PVD 15 is the smallest with a messenger-bag look. It accommodates up to two camera bodies, two lenses, a smaller action camera, a tripod, and additional accessories like a laptop. The N-PVD 18 is a step above and is a backpack-style bag, able to accommodate the same amount of gear plus a Cubik organizer. The N-PVD 30 is suited to moderate or heavy loads and even more Cubik organizer sizes. The N-PVD 35 and N-PVD 40 can accommodate two to three camera bodies and two larger lenses in addition to a drone and accessories.

Cubik Organizers and Tech Pouches

If you’re looking to add more organization to your new N-PVD bag or preëxisting hard case, the Cubik Organizers or Tech Pouches offer two tiers of assistance. The N-Cubik series is designed to fit into your 935 or 938 waterproof hard case or 35L and above Nanuk backpack. Top handles allow you to remove the bag completely from your case to pack your gear or configure your interior dividers. The lid of each organizer features additional padding and an ID card window. The entire series features various capacities from 6L to 28L, depending on the needs of your shoot. Mix and match sizes to create different compartments in your case or backpack.

Nanuk Tech Pouches
Nanuk Tech Pouches

Looking for something more heavy duty for your backpack storage? The Nanuk Tech Pouches are your solution. Best for gear-intensive activities, the three tech pouches are designed to hold SD cards, charging cords, power cubes, and other forms of data storage. Their 360° foam padding, zippered pockets, and internal mesh storage pockets make protecting and storing your smaller, more delicate accessories a breeze.

For more information about the new Soft Bag Ecosystem, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out each detailed product page. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.