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New Shogun and Ninja Flame Recording Monitors from Atomos


While they may have been overshadowed by the newly available and superbly powerful Shogun Inferno, the Atomos Shogun Flame and Ninja Flame are still worth a look.  

The entry-level Flame model is the Ninja Flame. If you primarily use cameras with HDMI outputs, such as mirrorless cameras like the Sony A7 series and the Panasonic GH4, or camcorders like the Panasonic DVX200, this may be the model for you (as a bonus, the red corner bumpers match the DVX200’s red accents).

A step up from the Ninja Flame, with its red accents, is the Shogun Flame, differentiated visually via yellow corner accents. As is tradition among the Atomos product lines, the Shogun Flame product variant adds SDI compatibility for professional camcorders and cinema cameras, for example, the Sony FS series. In this case, the SDI input is 12G, able to accept 4K signals over a single link. The audio options are also improved with a LEMO breakout connection for XLR ins and outs.

All models record to high-quality ProRes or DNx formats, so nothing is lost in terms of recording fidelity, and the same great HDR 10-bit FRC LCD panel found on the Shogun Inferno is on both the Flame models, so monitoring log video feeds is no problem. Each monitor includes a bevy of accessories in the box, as well as a hard case. Possibly the best reason to consider the Flame series, both options are priced significantly below the Shogun Inferno, so if you don’t require quad 3G-SDI inputs or 4K recording at 60p, the Flame series is where it’s at.