The New Swing and Mambo MiniDrones from Parrot


Parrot’s mini drones have always been about having fun, and now, there’s more entertainment to be had with the introduction of the new Swing and Mambo MiniDrones.

Parrot’s Swing MiniDrone may resemble a quadcopter, but it doesn’t necessarily behave like one. Once it takes off, you can reorient it horizontally for speedy flying and gliding in “Plane Mode.” The motors can be set to different inclination levels for speed control. At full 45 degrees, speeds of up to 19 mph can be achieved! Zipping through the air, deft pilots can attempt tricks like barrel-rolls and flips. If you require a larger range of horizontal and vertical movement (Plane Mode is limited to forward and backward flying), flip back into “Quad Mode” to hover in place, take off, and land.

The Mambo is a different animal entirely. By itself, it may look like an unassuming quadcopter. But with some additions, it becomes so much more. The top of the Mambo houses a brick connector for securing equipment additions. Mount the Cannon atop the Mambo to launch spherical foam projectiles up to 6 feet away, or attach the Grabber arm to pick up and drop small objects, like sugar cubes for your morning coffee, or even a drinking straw!

Both MiniDrones can take advantage of the new Flypad remote controller. This game-console form-factor controller will be instantly familiar to any gamers, and is intuitive enough for novices to learn their way around. While both MiniDrones can be controlled via the FreeFlight Mini app, having a real hardware controller brings a superior tactile experience to flying for easier execution of stunts, moves, and commands.

Let the fun begin!

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