The New TotaLED: One Cool Light


The Lighting Department at B&H Photo is extremely pleased to announce that we will be the exclusive retailer for the new Lowel TotaLED light. The Lowel Tota has long been a fixture on productions looking for a unit that provides strong output in a small size. With the original Tota, there was a price to pay, because it would burn through costly quartz halogen bulbs that produced a blistering amount of heat, which over time could melt the fixture's barndoors. The TotaLED suffers from none of the heat problems that went along with the original Tota, while still producing a brilliant daylight output with a CRI of 96.3 and a TLCI of 95.3, for excellent color rendition. Built into a curved aluminum housing with fins that aid in cooling, the Tota LED can be handled without gloves, even after hours of being on. The removable plastic diffuser smooths out the beam spread and removes any stippling effect from the multiple LED emitters, while its efficient design has minimal effect on the brightness of the fixture's output.

With Lowel TotaLED light
Without Lowel TotaLED light

The fixture can operate in either a horizontal or vertical position and includes a mounting hole for an accessory umbrella; this mounting hole is something you would expect to find on a Tota light, so it is thoughtful of Lowel to include it with the TotaLED. The yoke mounts on a standard baby pin, and the fixture itself incorporates 1/4"-20 threaded accessory mounting threads.

An included Dimmer Control Box allows you to adjust the brightness of the unit locally, which is flicker free with 100 to 0% dimming, and incorporates an integrated mounting slot so it can mount on the TotaLED's yoke. You can also hang the control box from a stand using the built-in hanger loop. You can power the TotaLED from a V-mount battery or by using the included AC power adapter that snaps into the control box, making for a compact power solution. Integrated barndoors feature built-in gel clips, and the doors help you control spill.

The new Lowel TotaLED is a strong successor to the original Tota, because it is compact, portable, and does just what you need a Tota-Light to do, without the excess heat melting your on-camera talent.

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