New Xtreme Action Series GoPro Offerings from Bower


Bower expands its line of Xtreme Action Series accessories with more than ten new products designed for GoPro cameras. Now available at B&H, the new offerings include essential accessories for mounting, protecting, and powering your GoPro, as well as three bundles that package together several accessories, with a zippered case for convenient organization and storage.

Looking first at the mounting options, Bower offers the Elastic Head Strap and 360 Degree Helmet Mount for capturing eye-level, first-person POV shots, and the Chest Body Strap for capturing a lower angle to capture what your hands and arms are doing. For off-body mounting, there is the 3.5" Suction Cup Mount for attaching to vehicle bodies and windshields; the versatile Flex Tripod with legs that can be wrapped around pipes, branches, and other objects; and the BendiFlex Clamp Mount that pairs an 8" flexible neck with a clamp that grasps to objects 0.25 to 2" thick.

To keep your camera protected during all of your aquatic and terrestrial adventures, Bower has a replacement Waterproof Housing for the HERO3/3+/4, as well as a Waterproof Housing Floater that attaches to the back of the housing (or your existing Standard or Underwater Housings) to keep the camera afloat should it accidentally come loose from your mount and fall in the water. For additional security in the unlikely event your camera does come loose from a mount, Bower’s Tether & Anchor 5-Pack does just the trick, and can be used in conjunction with any housing. To keep your GoPro camera and accessories protected when not in use and during transport, consider Bower’s protective Armor Pro Case that comes in small, medium, and large sizes.

Rounding out the new accessories are the 1500mAh Extended Backdoor Battery Pack, Dual Battery Charger for GoPro HERO4 Batteries, and a 5-Piece Action Camera Cleaning Kit, as well as the aforementioned bundles, including the 4-in-1 Water Sports Bundle, 4-in-1 Action Mount Bundle, and 6-in-1 Sports Bundle.