The Original Handle by GoWorx and the Original Handle Pro by GoWorx


GoWorx introduces two new handheld solutions for GoPro HERO action cameras. Both models feature the same scorpion-tail shape, optimized for low-angle shooting such as skateboard shots, and both allow you to attach most GoPro HERO housings and frames. Differentiating them is the construction, with the lighter-weight Original Handle by GoWorx constructed from high-strength plastic, while the Pro variant is constructed from aluminum. These grips come alone or in bundles, denoted as the Original Handle+ by GoWorx and the Original Handle Pro+ by GoWorx. The bundles feature the same handle as the non-bundled versions but also include a strap so that you can attach the GoPro Wi-Fi remote to the handgrip. This setup provides a convenient way to maneuver the camera and operate Record start and stop, one-handed. Not only do they work as handles, they are also freestanding on a flat surface, providing an alternative to a mini tripod for fixed, low-angle shooting. The aluminum Pro models are offered in Silver or Gold; the standard models are finished in Black. 

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