Pro Tools Express + Fast Track Solo with Pro Tools 11 Software Bundle


If you’ve been looking for a cost-effective way to get into recording with a full version of Avid’s Pro Tools 11 software, you need to check out these bundles from B&H. You have the choice between an Mbox, Fast Track Solo, or M-Track Plus audio interface, each of which includes a copy of Pro Tools Express, along with an upgrade card for a full version of Pro Tools 11. Each interface provides a range of input connections, from 1 to 4 inputs, catering to different recording needs.

Pro Tools 11 updates the classic DAW with 64-bit operation, allowing the software to access more of your system’s RAM, increasing processing power during mix-down. Additionally, it now supports offline bounce, allowing for individual tracks and mixes to be processed faster than real time. Since Pro Tools 11 does not support RTAS 32-bit plug-ins, a copy of Pro Tools 10 is included for compatibility with that plug-in format.