Pro Wireless LCS and Video Systems from Teradek


Teradek products are known for their on-set reliability and durability, and this crop of wireless lens control, video transmitters and encoders, and Wi-Fi routers available at B&H Photo Video do not disappoint.

The Teradek RT MK3.1 & MDR-M Wireless LCS (Lens Control Systems) are professional systems for controlling cinema and still-camera lenses. With options ranging from a single-axis up to six-axis configurations, the RT family gives you solid, reliable, precision wireless control with a broad choice of FIZ, thumbwheels, and other components. Pro features include versatile input assignment, smooth knob and joystick controls, remote Start/Stop for select cameras, and a wide voltage range of 10-17VDC.

Teradek RT MDR-SK Wireless Lens Control Kit with 6-Axis Transmitter for RED

Teradek offers multiple video encoder/decoder combinations for web streaming and point-to point video streaming. The Cubelet 605 series and 655 series encoder and decoder systems offer Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or USB various options for encoding HDMI and SDI signals into an H.264 stream; the Cube decoders receive the encoded signal via Ethernet or USB, then output an uncompressed HDMI or SDI signal for monitoring. The Bond systems are compatible with various Cube models, and employ network aggregation to improve streaming fidelity with numerous USB devices, Ethernet, and Wi-Fi.

Teradek Cube 605/305 HD-SDI/HDMI Encoder/Decoder Set

Designed for on-set cine and broadcast uses, the Link Dual Band (2.4/5 GHz) Wi-Fi Router provides an extended range of up to 1000', interference resistance, flexible mounting, and a rugged aluminum chassis suitable for heavy, daily use. A quad-core processor and internal memory ensure a high data throughput even on a heavily trafficked network. Power options include PoE, and your choice of a built-in Gold mount or V-mount battery plate for extended use. The Teradek Node Cellular 4G LTE Modems enable you to broadcast over 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE network interfaces; use one to go live from locations with poor cellular connectivity.