Roland Unveils VR-4HD AV Mixer, Designed for Single Operators


Today, Roland revealed their latest HD/AV mixer, the VR-4HD. Designed for one-operator use, the VR-4HD combines a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multi-viewer touch screen, and USB 3.0 video/audio streaming interface into a portable, compact form. Live HD productions in fields such as education, religion, corporate, sports, or training can be managed by a single operator thanks to the VR-4HD’s all-in-one design.  The VR-4HD can also function as a tele/web-conferencing hub with the use of standard online-chat programs. Digital audio-signal processing and an Auto-Mixing function aid in producing professional audio results.

The VR-4HD looks “back to the future” with its multiple input connectors, which are designed to support the variety of video sources in use today as well as legacy devices. Three HDMI ports support video resolutions up to 1080p, while the fourth connector can handle RGB, component, and computer resolutions in addition to HDMI. Copy-protected material can be inputted via Blu-Ray players and other devices thanks to the VR-4HD’s HDCP compliance.

The Roland name connotes high-quality sound, and the VR-4HD runs true to form in its audio abilities. This 18-channel mixer can blend audio signals input via four XLR microphone inputs, unbalanced RCA and 1/8 mini stereo connectors, and the audio embedded in the four HDMI inputs. In addition to being embedded in the HDMI output, audio can be output via XLR or RCA connectors.  Roland’s digital audio processing features three-band parametric EQ, reverb, a compressor/gate on the mic inputs, and level/multiband EQ on the master mix.  Auto-mixing across multiple sources, echo canceling, audio follow, and up to 500ms of delay to aid lip-syncing are additional audio functions.

When utilizing the VR-4HD and a connected Mac or PC as a web-conferencing hub, the Echo Cancellation function prevents feedback in the USB 3.0 audio loop-back. Up to 1080p30uncompressed video with embedded audio can be recorded or webcast from the VR-4HD. The VR Video Capture application (for Mac and PC) is included. Both program and preview outputs incorporate the main audio mix, and the balanced XLR output can be fed to a professional PA setup.

The HDMI-output preview display features a multi-viewer mode and a touchscreen interface. Compositing effects such as DSK (downstream keying – both luminance & chroma), PiP (picture-in-picture), and quad-split screens can be used to create news-style broadcasts.

Physically, the VR-4HD offers an intuitive layout with cross-point keying and transitioning switches as well as user-assignable function buttons. Short-throw faders and knobs are featured on the audio mixer interface. Rugged construction ensures that this all-in-one compact AV mixer will offer years of dependable use for your productions.