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Run HDMI Signals Over 200 Feet with the Muxlab HDMI 4 x 8 Matrix Switch


Although HDMI video was created as a consumer specification, it is finding its way increasingly into professional environments. This is in spite of the limitations of the length of cable runs. While six feet may be enough for the consumer TV, professional and commercial installations often require runs significantly longer than the 25-foot limit of most HDMI cables. Beyond the cable-run limit, what if you need to distribute that video signal to multiple monitors? Enter the HDBase-T MuxLab 4 x 8 Matrix Switch for HDMI signals.

"The switch allows you to distribute the four inputs to any of the eight outputs..."

The switch supports HDMI across all four of its inputs, allowing you to transmit 1080p HDMI signals over Cat5e/6 cable to monitors up to 230 feet away. The switch accepts the HDMI signal, internally converting it to transmit over Cat5e/6 cable, and outputs via eight Ethernet ports. This will require a MuxLab receiver at the display device to convert the signal back to a standard HDMI signal. It is important to note that the Matrix Switch is a closed network, and doesn’t interface with an IP network; the switch and displays form their own dedicated HDMI network, with the Switch controlling distribution of your video signals.

The switch allows you to distribute the four inputs to any of the eight outputs—for example, you could send one input to all eight outputs, or four input signals to two outputs each. It is a user-friendly device, allowing you to control the unit via front-panel buttons, or an IR remote control, RS-232, and a built-in web server interface. You can also control the Matrix Switch by USB connection with free software you can download from MuxLab.

In addition to the increased distances provided by transmitting HDMI over Cat5e/6 cable, the Matrix Switch supports HDBaseT, which allows you to supply up to 100 watts of power to your display device, allowing you to hang an available HDBaseT-compatible display anywhere you can run an Ethernet cable, without having to run a standard electrical outlet as well.

So if you need to supply multiple video programs to a facility, multiple classrooms, medical institutions, commercial, or residential AV installations for up to 8 displays, the MuxLab HDMI 4 x 8 Matrix Switch is a good choice.