Tilta Introduces the Mirage Matte Box


If you’re shooting video on an outdoor mobile production and realize your camera would benefit from a compact, lightweight matte box to control the light entering your lens, Tilta has filled that need with the versatile, new Mirage Matte Box for small and mid-size mobile camera rigs. The matte box features a clamp-on style and fits around 95mm lenses. But if you’re using lenses with different diameters, the matte box also comes with four lens-adapter rings and a circular filter tray. The Mirage also comes in an advanced VND Kit with a VND filter, Nucleus Nano motor adapter, and 15mm LWS mount, and it also features a pro-level Motorized VND Kit with the VND filter, 15mm LWS mount, and a wireless motorized VND kit.

Tilta Mirage Matte Box

Tilta Mirage VND Kit

Tilta Mirage Motorized VND Kit

The lightweight matte box weighs only 4.6 oz and includes 67, 72, 77, and 82mm lens adapters to accommodate a variety of lens sizes. It features two slots that allow you to mix and match filter types using a circular VND tray for a circular filter or polarizer and a 4 x 5.65" tray for square/anamorphic filters that can be used together for creative shots. The included 95mm drop-in circular filter tray is designed to slip right into one of the filter slots. The tray features handy gears on top so you can use a motor to rotate a VND filter remotely, making it easy to adjust your filter on the fly as the light changes. The Mirage also comes with an adjustable top flag to help adjust the light further.

The advanced VND kit adds a 15mm LWS rod mount for easily mounting the matte box on a rig rather than clamping it to the lens, a 95mm VND filter in a tray, and it also adds a Nucleus Nano adapter to the matte box, allowing you to add a motor to rotate the VND filter tray remotely using the tray’s gears. The pro VND kit includes everything in the advanced VND kit and adds a wireless motor and controller for the Mirage, as well as a power supply and charger for the motor. The wireless VND motor can also be controlled using the Nucleus Nano handwheel, the Tilta advanced focus side handle, or the Nucleus M hand unit.

The Mirage and the two kits include a carrying case to store and transport the matte box, circular tray, adapter rings, and the two VND kits include a filter pouch.

Let us know what you think of the Mirage and how you’d use its remote VND rotation function in the field, in the Comments section.