Transcend’s DrivePro Dash Cams


Transcend continues its commitment to dash cams with its new DrivePro 110 and DrivePro 130 models. A comprehensive list of features make these compelling contenders in the dash cam market. Keep an eye on the road with Full HD resolution, a color display, built-in mic and speaker, driver fatigue alert, headlight reminder, parking mode, 3-axis G-sensor, snapshot button, and more. Between these features, the DrivePro will record an ultra-wide angle of view of what is in front of you in case of accidental collision or when your car is parked. Its built-in battery allows you to continue recording if your vehicle loses power.

Both models offer the same feature set, but the 130 adds built-in Wi-Fi and comes with an iOS/Android app for viewing live video and photos remotely via your phone. Both also come with an MLC-based 16GB microSD memory card and are available with either an adhesive or suction mount.

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I would love to hear from any of you who have bought this camera, because I'd like to know if it's possible to turn it towards the driver door in the even that you get pulled over and need to record the offier who pulled you over, because where I live, they have absolutely NO problem violating your civil rights and if you attempt to record them via cell phone, they'll snatch it out of your hand and put you in cuffs..  You probably won't get arrested, however, they seem to smell weed in every single vehicle they pull over so they have probable cause to search and they'll do it to people who have never seen weed before, but that's all it takes in 95% of the country for them to search your vehilcle without consent and if you call their superiors with your concerns, they just tell you that they stand behind their officers doing their jobs.  We as civilians are on camera from the minute they light us up until we pull off whether it be via their dashcam, or their body cams (if they're even required to wear them & they definitely aren't here)  I would just like to have a device like one of these cams that I could turn towards the police before they approach my window if this is possible with this camera..  If you have one, please comment and let me know because I need something that can do this because they sure aren't playing about being recorded on cell phones...  Thanks guys and I look forward to hearing from you!!

The suction cup mount would allow you to turn the camera a hair so anything that happened on the drivers side of the car would be recorded. It does have full audio so that wouldn't be missed, and it has a 130 degree field of view. Also shuld cover the drivers side but you can opt for the suction mount and you are covered. Camera never lies. I live in St. Louis MO and we are all felons until the actual criminals are proved guilty. I am a disabled white woman and I have been profiled, threatened, you name it, it's happened. One refused to give me my cane and I fell. He left me on the ground. His Sergeant said his officer did the right thing because I am dangerous. I have no record and no reason to be considered dangerous. I bought a dash cam after that incident. The power supply is bad and I'm thinking I have a new one. It was inexpensive but seems to work. If not, this is an option.