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Unveiled: Anton Bauer’s New Lithium-Ion Digital Battery Series


Anton Bauer released a new generation of Gold Mount brick batteries today, featuring a complete redesign in technology and aesthetics over the previous models. The most major change is a reconstruction of the honeycomb structure that houses the cells. It provides physical separation between the cells, allowing two key benefits: a highly increased airflow that dissipates heat, and cell isolation, which guarantees that potential damage to one cell will have no effect on the others. The same models are also available in a V Mount, but Sachtler branded. All the new models feature 1000 charge/discharge cycles and a P-Tap accessory port.

The other changes have to do with digital communication that is transmitted by the battery. Certain data is communicated to a charger that produces the selection of a charge routine based on the battery’s cell chemistry, ensuring maximum performance over time, service life, and safety. A fuel computer automatically calculates capacity and run time simultaneously, and over time it learns the battery’s capacity and provides more and more accurate calculations over the life of the battery. An integrated display reports run time in both hours and minutes when the battery is attached to a device, and displays capacity as a percentage when not attached.

"...featuring rubber outer cases that provide a comfortable grip as well as a cushion from shock."

The new look is modernized, featuring rubber outer cases that provide a comfortable grip as well as cushion from shock. The lineup includes the Digital 90 (or D90), Digital 150, and Digital 190, each in a different color. The D90 offers 93Wh and is the lightest of the three, at 2 lb. The D150 features 164Wh, and the D190 has 205Wh and is the heaviest, at 3 lb. All three models are similar in size—6.5 x 4.4 x about 3" deep, the 6.5” height being larger than of previous models so as to support the more spacious honeycomb structure.

Being released along with the batteries are two chargers featuring aesthetics similar to the batteries. One supports two batteries and the other up to four simultaneously, charging the highest-powered one first and subsequently the next highest-powered one. The chargers also have an XLR output for powering cameras while they charge the batteries. The batteries can also still be charged with your old Anton Bauer chargers. 

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I ordered these from B and H back in early Sept and it said they were expected to be available Oct. 1. I went back and now the expected availability is Dec. 1. What's happening, can I expect these in early Dec.?

Hi Derek -

I am sorry for the delay of your order.  Please contact:

The B&H Customer Service Team
Call 800.221.5743 or 212.239.7765
Email Customer Service

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Technical specs, price & delivery time, please ...  Thank-you !

Hopefully we will have specifications and more information on the Batteries’ pages soon.  Until we get the pages updated, you can find technical specs and more information on the new batteries on the Anton Bauer site.    Prices for the new Anton Bauer Digital Battery Series batteries can be found on their pages on our site.   Click here.  We anticipate receiving the new Anton Bauer Digital Battery Series May 30th.

Could I please have some more Technical specs and prices please for V-plate versions?

Unfortunately, we don’t have the Sachtler branded V mount versions of these batteries up on our site/ in our system yet, so I wouldn’t be able to say what the price might be on these.  The V mount Sachtler versions should be the same as the Anton Bauer batteries, so the technical information on Anton Bauer’s site about the batteries should be applicable to the Sachtler V mount batteries as well.

Let me now more about Technical description and price

We have the prices for the new Anton Bauer Digital Battery Series listed on their pages on our site.   While waiting for us to update the pages to include specifications and overviews, you can find this information on Anton Bauer’s site.

Please send more infirmation and the price

What are the prices for the new Anto Bauer batteries please?

You can find the prices for the new Anton Bauer Digital Battery Series batteries on their pages on our site.   Click here. 

I would like more information please

We do have the new Anton Bauer Digital Batteries up on our site, and hopefully those pages will be updated with more information and technical specifications soon.  Until they are, you can find more information on Anton Bauer’s site.