Unveiled: Canon ME20F-SH, 35mm Full-Frame Camera with up to 4,000,000 ISO


Enclosing a super-sensitive full-HD 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor inside a small form factor body, the new Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera can record color images in near-complete darkness, while its cubic chassis can be placed unobtrusively on set or in the wild. While the sensor is only 2.2 megapixels (effective) in resolution, each pixel measures 19 microns, making it more than 7.5 times larger than an equivalent 18.1 megapixel 35mm full-frame sensor. This large pixel size allows the sensor to gather much more light in all situations. This helps images taken in low-light situations maintain a low noise floor for cleaner and more vivid video.

The chassis is ruggedized and features multiple mounting points for discreet placement. The camera’s form factor, combined with its low-light sensitivity, make it ideal for many applications including reality television, nature, and wildlife, documentary, security, and law enforcement. The camera’s ISO reaches 4,000,000 (you read that correctly, four million) so dimly lit scenarios no longer have to be captured in monochrome using infrared light.

Using Canon’s EF mount, the camera is fully compatible with Canon’s EF line of lenses, including the CN-E lenses with electronic communication. Using the built-in crop mode, the camera is also compatible with EF-S lenses and Canon’s Cine Servo zoom lenses, which can be controlled through the camera, as well. The camera does not record video internally; rather, it sends 1080p video at up to 60 fps out from its 3G-SDI and HDMI terminals. One SDI terminal and the HDMI terminal can be programmed to include OSD (onscreen display) information for camera operation. The camera settings can be adjusted using the on-camera controls or via a remote control connected with the 2.5mm jack or the RS-422 terminal.


To see a picture send me three easy payments of $49.95.

The Canon ME20F SH is a dynamic camera with plenty of style and the ability to film and take photos in the dark, I can see many people falling head over heels for one of these as it is also compact.

It would be nice if the price was a bit lower: 


Canon ME20F SH - Canon have done a great job by creating the ME20F SH camera which is able to see in the dark.

They have captured style, compactness, plus catered for their customers who wish to film or take photos in dark places:


Any one tested this as an astrophotography tool?

$30,000 and it doesn't even have a built in flash?

No every day camera is worth $32,000. Not one. NASA cameras are worth more.....a LOT more, but  then, THEY are worth it and NASA can afford them. $32,000 is an outrageous rip off.


The pixels in conventional 20 megapixel  CCDS SLR cameras could had grouped 4 cells, as one cell to increase the surface exposure of photons, with the trade off ending with a 5 megapixel CCDS sensor and approximately 4X more sensetivity (ISO), as an option.

This is a very good point. I am wondering if any experts here can explain why you couldn't do this? I.e., rather than making giant pixels use the existing small pixels in groups. This could be done in software, without having or requiring any fancy new hardware with giant pixels.as long as the total sensor area is the same and the material respond similarly per area, then a conventional camera,  with the appropriate software, should be able to do what this thing does for $32,000.

I guess I could see the producers of the TV show Cheaters forking over $30K for this camera.  ;-)

At $30,000, images had better be good! Where can one get financing? You've got to be wealthy to do photography any more. That's very sad.

I don't know.  I still use a 40D and get better results than most of the photographers in my area that use newer full frame models.  I got the camera for $250.  Skill and lighting still go a long way.  I also have a freind who is still using tape in his film making.  He says his clients don't know the difference anyway. 

Yea!, what goes around comes around…19th century photo practitioners were typically of the upper crust of society (referring here to financial means). This pricing structure take us right back to the "future" of our past.

This is just an item to get publicity rather than sales. There would be no production based on volume. They would have to make them individually to order. Not one person commenting below will buy it. A very, very limited market. If any at all.

Question. On the new Canon, Is the 19 microns the same as 19 µm, Newton meters?

Uhhh, no.. unless you're referring to how much torque is required to attach lenses or push buttons.. since a Newton-meter is a measurement of force not distance. The same relationship between feet and foot-pounds.

Close, but no cigar Ned! A newton is a measure of force. A Newton-meter is a measure of torque (or in the engineering world, moment), which is force times distance.

There, now I can sleep. 

19 microns and 19 µm do measure the same length: nineteen millionths (19/1000000) of a meter. Micron is a somewhat obsolete term. The standard term is "micrometre" in EU spelling, or "micrometer" in US English spelling. "µm" is the standard unit abbreviation. (Do not confuse with "mil" which, as a unit of measure, refers to 1/1000 of an inch,e.g., for paper thickness. 1 mil = 25.4 µm.)

(I do like Ned's reply, but felt like avoiding real work for a few minutes to try to be helpful.)

As Dave Brown stated above, 19 microns would be equivalent to 19 micrometers, or 19 µm.  And, as Ned mentioned before that, this is a measurement of distance not force/torque.

I will wait for the 100 megapixel camera. That can have a video that can take slow motion and fast motion. 

Would like to see some reviews on this camera

It's about time Canon backed off the megapixel wars (I know the 5Ds) and start giving options for cameras with clean low light and expanded dynamic range.  They got their butts kicked by the D3 and D700 and now Sony is offering three A7's that fit different needs.  I hope this will be a trend.  Big numbers and labels like 'HD' and '4K' don't always translate into great image quality.

You have a very good point about what is happening in the pixel war.

Competition will appear and the price will fall.

Paul, Love it!  

So, how much "detail" do you get with giant pixels?


Astronomers should be very excited about this camera. This will allow for excellent star gazing and research for professionals and students.


That was the first thing that ocurred to me as well. It will have to be fitted with a long, fast lens I believe (in essence, a fast telescope). This will allow achieving angular resolution and building a reasonable signal before readout. The images would have to be added/processed in the computer, as it appears that only video rates would be available. It wasn't clear to me one could hold the readout for a few cycles to allow on-chip integration of the signal as an alternative or additional feature.

Thanks to new 50 Megapix 5dsr that help can step in to new era compermising new ISO 4000000 and low capabilities in less Mega pix.Congradulation Canon Group.It was a excellant achivement!

Thanks to new 50 Megapix 5dsr that help can step in to new era compermising new ISO 4000000 and low capabilities in less Mega pix.Congradulation Canon Group.It was a excellant achivement!

By the way, you should know, the new Canons with 50MPs have much smaller pixels... 5DII w/6.4 and the 5DIII w/6.3. No real difference but, the new ones are 3.9. Good doesn't start until over 5-6... The top Canons/Nikos/Sony have 7.3 and 7.4, which are much better under low light conditions. The majority of smaller Canons and Nikons have 4.9 whice is small enough for me. Actually to be fair my DX D7100 has 3.9 also and it is very good, but I am not a big shot pro. A 13x17 print is large enough for me. I think that "they" think it is all going to the web anyway.

If I need more I would go to a Mamiya middle format with a CCD, which is a lot cheaper than a CMOS model and beats a full frame Nikon/Canon. Check B&H for a good price.

At $30K+, another nail in the coffin of professional photographers who do anything but the most lucrative commercial work.  Goes right along with the (initial) doubling in price of the 500MM F4.  Thank you, Canon!

Does anybody knows where could watch some images?


Does anyone know where I [we/you/one] could look at some images.


Not yet.

And please don't spam with multiple postings of your question in a row, without even an hour's pause -- it won't get a better answer for the time being, but it will annoy most people (like incessant nagging).

Why not put your typing energy into typing instead "ME20F-SH images" into some online search engines, rather than retyping the same badly phrased question repeatedly? (Like an annoying child asking stridently "Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!")

Do you really think someone on a tiny message board will answer your query before the world-wide Internet? (Or can you really not think of doing a search by yourself in this day and age, where such a thing is more commonly done than opening a book or changing one's underwear?)


WOW, instead of beating the person up, why not give them alittle slack....they could be from a different country and they could be doing the best that they can...most people type just like they speak.

Maybe it makes you feel more manly to belittle people, if that's the case, you really need to seek help.

..or you could stop making excuses for everyone and everything.

>>most people type just like they speak

And this person clearly couldn't be bothered to look up the information for themselves but had the time to demand answers in unintelligible English. That's the type of person who deserves to be belittled.

'Good grief' didn't so much belittle as provide a quick lesson in more successful communication.  It does seem true that writing reflects speech, as speech reveals thinking.  the content of so many blogs reveals the desperate condition of many of the photo forum contributors.  And, for some unaccountable reason— their anger.

Who writes this stuff.....
Form factor? = size
Ruggedized? = rugged construction
Interesting piece of kit.
Sounds expensive!

According to the Press Release listed on Canon USA's website, the Canon ME20F-SH is expected to be available in December 2015 at a suggested retail price of $30,000.

I can wait to see some images...


Everone is talking about the Canon ME20F-SH camera as it is such a beuaty and should surely satisfy many tastes. Other than the high price its a great gadget.

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