Unveiled: The Canon XC15 Expands the XC Camcorder Line


Just in time to chase away your end-of-summer blues, Canon has announced its newest addition to the company’s pro camcorder lineup—the XC15 4K Camcorder. Expanding the Canon XC camcorder line, the XC15 incorporates several features geared to a professional workflow with an emphasis on single-user operation. The XC15 retains the high-quality image (produced by its 1" CMOS sensor) and lightweight, relatively small form factor of the XC10.

The XC15 has also been designed to match the look and functions of the EOS C300 Mark II more closely, enabling you to use the XC15 as a second camera for cine-style shoots. New common features include the lossless 24.00p mode, additional flicker-reducing shutter speeds, the ability to assign clip-naming rules for easier data management, and matching video and still “looks.”

A significant boost in audio recording options is the addition of an XLR input (via an included MA-400 microphone adapter). A longer cold-shoe mount to support the microphone adapter is included, rather than the hot shoe on the XC10.

On the video side, a Waveform Monitor function has been built in as a special screen display, giving you professional exposure-reading capabilities. Low-light performance has been improved, thanks to an enhanced noise-suppression algorithm. On the other end of the exposure scale, a Highlight Priority gamma achieves effects similar to HDR modes, allowing for better capture of those high-contrast beach scenes, etc. Another bonus for video pros is the new ability to switch from a shutter speed display to a more familiar shutter angle display.

In the ever important world of focus, the XC15 has several pro features. A boon for camera assistants everywhere, the focus and zoom functions are controlled via separate rings, facilitating manual adjustments. The XC15 autofocus speed is now almost double the speed of previous versions and has three adjustable speeds. The push-to-focus feature is available even when in manual- or locked-focus mode. Also included is Auto Face Detection and Tracking.   

Additional features include a transparent window for the dual C-Fast/SD card slot, an eye-catching red trigger button, and a heat-sink style cooling system for added reliability.


A comment to those who wish this camera has an interchangeable lens. I have this camera and I consider this camera having two lenses, a 24-70 f2.8-4 and a 70-240 f4-5.6. There are your two lens you get with this camera. 

Hi Alan - 

Thanks for your input Alan!  

Interchangable lenses a must. This one fell short. Price?