Unveiled: FREEFLY MōVI Pro Gimbal with Handheld and Aerial Bundles


FREEFLY was arguably the first to put gimbal stabilizers for video cameras on the map. Being the first doesn’t mean the company has gotten complacent though, as its innovation continues to bear fruit. The MōVI Pro is the latest 15-pound capacity gimbal, squarely targeting professionals using compact cinema cameras or, for that matter, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. The MōVI pro is designed for ease of use, prioritizing the needs of the camera operator. To this end it incorporates focus, zoom, and iris controls (where supported by the camera/lens) which reduces the complexity of setup and simplifies camera operation.

Power is always a challenge when working in the field. The MōVI Pro takes two hot-swappable 22.5V, 1.8Ah batteries, enabling you to swap out batteries with next to no downtime. Onboard there is a 12-14V / 6A D-Tap to power your camera and two 12V / 2A D-Taps for accessories such as video transmitters. This means you don’t have the weight of extra batteries nor a rat’s nest of cables that could impede the gimbal’s range of motion or even throw off the balance.

Time is of the essence, especially with location shoots where lighting conditions, weather, and other factors are beyond Production’s control. The MōVI Pro boots up in under two seconds. To further speed things up, the auto-tuning for stiffness and filter parameters takes around 10 seconds. You can assess settings for tuning and customization via a built-in screen, plus there are mobile apps for iOS and Android if you have mobile device handy.

For dual-user or remote operation, the MōVI Pro features a 2.4 GHz receiver that is compatible with many standard RC transmitters (radio controllers). The radio’s frequency-hopping design ensures you will stay out of trouble even in today’s crowded airspace. The receiver also supports FREEFLY’s intuitive steer-to-move MIMIC controller, which is included with both bundles mentioned today.

Two bundles are available: a Handheld version and an Aerial version. The handheld option features the MōVI Ring Pro that the user can grip from any of its four sides, making it extremely agile. A stand is built in so the operator can put it down when taking a break or capture a quick headshot while still being able to pan and tilt the camera. There is a removable top handle for carrying when not in use to help achieve low-angle shots. The aerial bundle comes with extended landing gear that gives a FREEFLY ALTA drone enough clearance to safely take off and land without scraping the gimbal. It also includes hardware for top-mounting the gimbal to capture unique high-angle shots. Both bundles include the MIMIC wireless controller, allowing you to pan and tilt, as well as operate supported camera functions. For more information and updates on availability, please visit the product pages on the B&H website.