Unveiled: Fujifilm FUJINON ZX 12 x 25 25-300mm Cine Lens


Fujifilm has announced a new high-zoom ratio cine lens, the FUJINON ZK 12x25, geared for 4K digital cinema cameras with Super 35-sized sensors. The lens is equipped with a PL mount and offers an impressive 12x zoom range, which covers focal lengths from 25 to 300mm. The lens will be released in late June, 2014.

Please check back for pricing and availability

The ZX 12x25 is designed with the optical performance for 4K digital cinema production. It features high-precision, large-diameter aspheric elements designed with Fujifilm’s optical simulation technology. The use of a “three moving zoom group” system minimizes aberration fluctuation during zooming and controls image distortion across the zoom range, while yielding images with edge-to-edge sharpness. The lens also supports an optional detachable servo drive unit for ENG-style shooting with electronic zoom, focus, and iris control.

Additional features of the ZX 12x25 lens include a flange back focus adjustment mechanism, a 9-blade round iris for natural-looking bokeh, and a focus ring with a large 280-degree rotation angle. Standard 0.8 pitch gear rings are available on the focus, zoom, and aperture rings for use with follow focus systems.


wow it is cool. I wont to work with this lens.


We currently do not have this lens available for pre-order, however, as soon as this becomes available we will post this information on our website. 

What is the price?

What is image Cirlce?

Unfortunately, Fujifilm has not provided us with a price for this item yet. We will post this information on our website as soon as it becomes available. Please check back periodically for updates.

The FUJINON ZK 12x25 is designed to be used with Super 35-sized sensors. While Fuji has not published its’ Image Circle, it would have to be at least 30mm’s to cover the 24.89 x 18.66mm sensor area.