Unveiled: Letus Motorized Gimbal Stabilizers


For NAB 2014, Letus35 has announced a number of upcoming motorized gimbal stabilizers. They will offer gimbal systems for cameras of all sizes, from a GoPro Hero up to a RED camera.

Please check back for pricing and availability

The professional versions are modular, and come in one-, two-, and three-axis systems. The-one axis system is ideal for mounting on a Steadicam to automatically keep the camera horizon level. The two-axis system can assist in certain handheld scenarios, helping to counteract situations where the camera is tilted forwarded or back, as well as keeping the horizon level. Finally, the three-axis version provides full stabilization and is ideal for smooth handheld shooting.  

Additionally, the professional models feature power and SDI video pass-through so that you can still use external power supplies and field monitors while operating the gimbal.