Unveiled: Milestone’s New "Husky" Series Surveillance NVRs


With an eye on form, function, and a user-friendly experience, Milestone is introducing the M10 and M30 Husky series NVRs that were designed with the end-user at the forefront of their minds.

Leading the way in their simplicity-first approach is automatic camera detection and plug-and-play compatibility with a slew of cameras from a wide range of manufacturers, including (but not limited to): Sony, Panasonic, ACTi, Axis Communication, Bosch, Brickcom, HikVision, Everfocus, Vivotek, Honeywell, Samsung, Flir, and Pelco. Rounding out just a few of the basic features shared by the whole series is full PTZ control compatibility, high-resolution HDMI output, security measures including multiple users and passwords with configurable levels of access, and multiple recording modes with video motion detection.

The NVRs come installed with Milestones’s XProtect Video Management Software (VMS) suite, open sourced to allow outside developers access to the code for creating plug-ins to seamlessly integrate advanced analytics and specialized third-party software. An example of this would be plug-ins for license-plate or facial-recognition programs to use at entry points. As with most software, there are regular updates, and the Huskies include a three-year Software Upgrade Plan, with additional plans available to extend past the three-year mark.

To meet the demands of a fast-paced and constantly connected world, the Huskies are accessible through the Web or on smart devices with the free Milestone Mobile app. Depending on your Husky model, you can even have push notifications with video clips.


Although it will be considered "entry level," the M10 doesn’t perform like it. The Husky M10 supports up to eight cameras, with 4GB of memory and a 1TB solid-state hard drive installed, running a Linux OS. At less than eight inches square and two inches in height, and coupled with almost-silent fan-free operation, it can be placed virtually anywhere—so there’s no need for specialized surveillance closets and expensive cooling systems. This model has a single HDMI output and supports one-way audio. The audio only works if a connected camera has a built-in microphone or an external microphone attached to it.


The Husky M30 builds on the ease of use and functionality of the M10 and adds another level of features. Right away, it distinguishes itself from just about every other surveillance solution by supporting 10 or 20 cameras, instead of the industry standard of 8/16. Connect multiple Milestone Husky M30s in a master-slave configuration and view video from all connected cameras by simply connecting to the master server. The 10-channel version has a maximum memory of 16GB with up to a 4TB HDD. In lieu of Linux, the M30 runs on the more familiar Windows 7 platform with an Intel® Core™ i5 processor. You can export multiple video formats for expanded compatibility with different systems, archive to local or remote NASs, and the M30 supports dual-configurable video streams. The video-out capability is also expanded with two HDMI ports for simultaneous output to two monitors.

As with the M10, the M30 has auto camera detection, with the added features of automated installation procedures and auto-configuration for even faster setup. Additionally, the M30 supports full two-way audio for broadcasting messages or direct communication when compatible cameras are being used. As with the M10, the audio feature only works with cameras that have built-in or connected external microphones.

"This lets you visualize the coverage, determine multiple camera angles for events, and easily identify and see when something happens."

The M30 is compatible with XProtect Smart Client, Milestone Customer Dashboard, all XProtect add-ons, and third-party programs to create a wide variety of solutions. Unlike the M10, this beefier version will let you get push notifications, with video attached, for quicker identifications of potential issues and quicker response times when anything happens. It’s also compatible with Interconnect. This allows you to pool video systems from multiple remote locations to a central location for remote viewing, changing settings, adding/removing/editing users, and remote backup. It works with local XProtect VMS seamlessly, and settings can be copied-and-pasted from one Husky to another on the network for faster configuration when the system is expanded. An example of this would be if it were being used in a retail chain, and a new store were opened. A quick copy/paste from an existing location to the new store gets the surveillance system running faster for corporate monitoring.

An integrated Map function lets you upload a map or floor plan and mark where cameras are installed. This lets you visualize the coverage, determine multiple camera angles for events, and easily identify and see when something happens. Integrated into this is a feature called Alarm Manager. When used with alarm panels or external appliances wired into the cameras, audio and visual alarms and indicators can be programmed to appear on the multi-layer interactive map to aid in coordinating responses from multiple areas, or to give the people monitoring the situation an easy overview of the situation.